How to Buy Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Fight Tonight

How to Buy Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Fight Tonight

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Jake Paul fights Ben Askren on Saturday.

Buy Paul vs Askren Fight

YouTube sensation Jake Paul returns to the boxing ring looking to go 3-0 to start his career as he takes on former MMA champion Ben Askren on Saturday.

You can order the PPV through your cable provider, but if you don’t have cable or you want to watch the fights on your computer, phone, Roku, Firestick, video game console or other connected-to-TV streaming device, you’ll need to buy the PPV through FITE for $49.99.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy and watch Paul vs Askren on Saturday night:

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How to Buy Paul vs Askren PPV

Note: You need to sign up for a FITE account (it’s free) before you purchase the PPV, and you can only sign up for FITE through their app on your phone or other streaming device (and not on your computer)

  1. 1) Go here to buy the Paul vs Askren PPV
  2. 2) Select “Buy $49.99”
  3. 3) Sign in with your FITE account credentials
  4. 3b) If you don’t already have a FITE account, download the FITE app on your phone or streaming device and sign up for free
  5. 4) Enter your payment information to purchase the PPV
  6. 5) You can then watch the fights on the FITE website or FITE app

Where Can You Watch Paul vs Askren?

Once you’re signed up for FITE and have ordered the PPV, you can watch Paul vs Askren and all the fights via the FITE app on any of the following devices:

Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick
Roku or Roku TV
Apple TV
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Android TV
iPhone or iPad
Android phone or tablet

You can also cast the fight to select smart TV’s through the app on your phone, or you can watch on your computer via the Fite website.

More information an all of FITE’s compatible streaming devices can be found here.

Paul vs Askren Preview

After months of back and forth, Jake Paul and Ben Askren are finally getting in the ring for their highly-anticipated fight.

Askren is Paul’s first legitimate challenger, with the YouTuber previously knocking out fellow YouTuber Ali Eson Gib and retired NBA player Nate Robinson.

Askren has quite the resume, especially in comparison to Paul’s past competition. He is a former NCAA wrestling champion and Olympic wrestler. He recently retired from MMA with a 19-2 record.

As for the money from the fight: Paul will make $690,000, while Askren’s pay starts at $500,000. It’s also likely that both will get a percentage of the PPV sales.

“I actually think we should probably have our contracts reversed,” Askren joked. “I’m sure Jake’s getting some sort of pay-per-view bonus and I’m carrying the f–king promotion of this fight. Jake ain’t promoting s–t.”

Askren is the underdog in the fight at a slight +125 underdog in the fight, although he feels like he’s already winning.

“Frankly, it’s been a bloodbath if we’re talking trash talk,” Askren said. “It’s not even a 10-8, it’s more like a 10-7. I don’t think we’ve seen a 10-6 in mixed martial arts but something like that. This guy only picks the lowest hanging fruit because his audience’s average age is 13 1/2.”

So what are the people saying? CM Punk — Askren’s former training partner — thinks the former MMA champ is being underestimated because he wasn’t a pure standup striker during his fighting career.

“I think so, but I think it’s easy to do. It’s easy to sit on your couch and say that Ben isn’t a striker,” CM Punk told TMZ.  “He’s a decorated athlete at a very, very high level in two different sports. Mindset and mentality is a big thing when you’re fighting and Ben has that in spades. Is Ben going to come out there and look like Muhammad Ali, no probably not, but Ben knows what it takes to win a fight and the skill set in boxing and the rules are different so he’s going to approach it to the best of his abilities so he can win that fight.

UFC middleweight Gerald Meerscheart also had Askren’s back, citing his resume.

“That’s a dude that fought Douglas Lima and [Andrey] Koreshkov in Bellator,” Meerscheart said. “Those guys are absolute killers, and he managed to go through those fights without taking any significant damage. I think that’s something a lot of people overlook.

“Not only that, that [Masvidal knockout] was bone to face, and those are four-ounce gloves. They’re getting 10-ouncers, and I’ve sparred with Ben I don’t know how many times, even when we did standup sparring, it was a pain in the butt.”

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