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As they say, black is a lifestyle. Women who love black are courageous, elegant, bold, and beautiful. If you are never bored of black colour, we have something for you today – the all-new black tops for women. These fashionable black outfits add a different style and alluring looks to anyone who wears it, irrespective of age, colour, style preference, and occasion. So be it for casual outings and strolls or parties, formal wear or dinners, we have brought you lovely women and girls black top designs to treat you today. Why wait? Let’s go and explore some of the gorgeous ladies black tops designs and trends this decade.

How to Wear and Pair a Black Top?

Black is such an effortless colour. Be it you are in a mood to get dressed up or want to keep it simple and basic, they can fit all kinds of requirements and tolerate all days. In case you are wondering what may look good and go well with new look black tops, worry not.

  • Have parties, try out all stylish black top or crop top with denim or skirts. They can look marvellous on anyone.
  • For basic styles, go with a casual black top with jeans or pants.
  • Pair on your black variants tops with a new look with palazzos, pants, denim, skirts, jumpsuits, and any; we bet you can look beautiful and mesmerizing.

Stylish and Latest Models of Women’s Tops in Black Colour:

Here, we will see a few beautiful black top designs for ladies in India.

1. Black Lace Spaghetti Top:


The spaghetti tops have been making quite a lot of noise these days in the tinsel town – why not! They are super comfortable yet give an edgy, sleek look, can be good on anyone and are also versatile in pairing them. This black lace spaghetti top is ideal for all those searching for the above features, and we bet anyone can look beautiful and sexy in this piece.

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black Sleeveless Lace Spaghetti Top
  • Fit Type: Relaxed Fit
  • Occasion to Wear: Parties, Night Outings
  • Preferred Body Shape: Anyone
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Denim Shorts or Skirts
  • Style Tip: Add this with very minimal styling and black heels to give a statement look.

2. Black and Red Printed Tank Top:


The tank tops are the signature style for several women who love fitted variants. This black and red scoop neck printed tank top is all about basic style yet give a modern and refreshing alluring look. Try this out, and we bet you can look no less than a diva. Be it for casual strolls or outings or evening jog, this can be a good one.

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Sleeveless Black and Red Printed Tank Top with Scoop Neck
  • Fit Type: Tank
  • Occasion to Wear: Casual and Regular
  • Preferred Body Shape: Pear, Apple, and Thin Body
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Denim or Jogger Pants
  • Style Tip: Sneakers or loafers can be good to go in this style with basic styling.

3. Black Off The Shoulder Top with Bell Sleeves:


Well, here is a bumper bonanza. While off-shoulder tops are quite lovely and hot for any woman to try them out, the bell sleeves give extra drama and edge to any outfit. These two are now combined to make this marvellous lovely black top, and we quite love this one. What do you think?

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black Off Shoulder Top with Half Bell Sleeves
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Evening Outings, Office Parties
  • Preferred Body Shape: Hourglass, Petite, and Pear Body Shape
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Skirts
  • Style Tip: Add this with sneakers or pump heels with dainty accessories.

4. Short Sleeve Black Mesh Top:


If you are a sucker for basics and want a casual everyday style yet with a dose of extra elegance, why not try out this black mesh top? With short sleeves, lace design in edges and round neck, we quite love how basic yet minimal and trendy it appears. This can fit in all effortlessly, from your college or office outings to lunches and dinners with friends.

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black Mesh Top with Round Neck and Lace Insert Short Sleeves
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Casual
  • Preferred Body Shape: Petite, Pear Body Shape
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Denim Pants
  • Style Tip: This can be good with white sneakers with loose hair, big dial watch to compliment the look.

5. Black Boat Neck Tunic Top:


Who doesn’t love to look like a fashionista? This indo-western themed tunic black top without sleeves and with such a lovely longline look is something we all are gushing on. It gives an ethnic twist with modern looks and is for those contemporary young women searching for mesmerizing and yet unique outfits.

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black Tunic Long Top without Sleeves
  • Fit Type: Relaxed Fit
  • Occasion to Wear: Festivities
  • Preferred Body Shape: Pear, Thin, and Hourglass
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Palazzo
  • Style Tip: Add this with sandals or heels with ethnic oxidized accessories to look good.

6. Black Cold Shoulder Peplum Top:


For those special parties, dance nights and clubbing events, we have got you sorted. This black and white striped peplum top comes with lovely bow detail, shoulder straps and short sleeves. The intricate design and pattern with a trendy look set this apart, and we quite love the result. What do you think?

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black and White Full Sleeve Peplum Top with Shoulder Straps
  • Fit Type: Peplum Fit
  • Occasion to Wear: Parties
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin and Petite
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: White Pants and Denim
  • Style Tip: Add with black pump heels and big hoops with a black watch to compliment the look effortlessly.

7. Black Polka Dot Ruffle Top:


The polka dot print and the design can never go out of fashion. This timeless, elegant variant is in trend from the 60s and the 70s and still is one of the most classic and vintage designs voted by many ladies. This polka dot black top comes with a ruffle design, with short sleeves and panel texture all over. It gives old classic hues around with an effortless styling trend.

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black and White Polka Dot Ruffle Top
  • Fit Type: Relaxed
  • Occasion to Wear: Themed Gatherings, Cocktail Events
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: White Pants
  • Style Tip: Add this with white loafers or cream loafers with a sling bag.

8. Black Long Sleeve Sequin Top:


If you want to make some noise and can’t keep calm with your fashion hues and vibes, this sequin top is the best and among our all-time favourite. The silver-toned and black embellishments add beauty to it, with cropped pattern and cut enhancing its overall look. If you are going for a high-end dance party or clubbing night, try this, and we bet you can catch a lot of attention out there.

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black Full Sleeves Embellished Top with Tie-Up Neck
  • Fit Type: Wrap
  • Occasion to Wear: Parties, Dance Nights
  • Preferred Body Shape: Hourglass, Pear, and Apple Body Shape
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Black Sequin Skirt or Pants
  • Style Tip: Add this with high heels, big hoops, and hand stacked accessories; you are good to go.

9. Black Floral Puff Sleeve Top:


The puff sleeve tops give a conventional and old school style statement. If you love such classy trends, this black floral print shirt with puff long sleeves is ideal. With the overall edgy look and classy design and pattern, try this one out if you fancy elegant and simple minimal looks.

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Floral Print Black Puff Sleeves Top
  • Fit Type: Slim Fit
  • Occasion to Wear: Regular
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Skirts and Denim Pant
  • Style Tip: Add on sneakers with a similar minimal look to this top.

10. Black Halter Neck Plus Size Top:

The halterneck tops give immense drama and styled effect instantly and effortlessly. This plain solid black halter neck top with one side sleeve comes with a unique and modern design and pattern. Be it for parties, special gatherings, dinners and events, this can be both casual and formal wear look. We love how versatile this turns out to be.

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black Halter Neck One Sleeve Solid Top
  • Fit Type: Cotton
  • Occasion to Wear: Night Events, Dinners
  • Preferred Body Shape: Pear and Hourglass Body
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: White Pants or Skirt
  • Style Tip: Add loafers, dainty accessories, and a big dial watch with a handbag to this look.

11. Black One Shoulder Crop Top:


This sleek, modern and edgy black one-shoulder crop top can be quite amazing for girls who love the chic appearance. With a black solid plain top with long sleeves and one shoulder, this contemporary fashion is all about looking beautiful and bold. For those special events and parties, try pairing these black fashion tops, and we bet you can look gorgeous.

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Plain Solid Black One Shoulder Crop Top with Long Sleeves
  • Fit Type: Fitted
  • Occasion to Wear: Parties
  • Preferred Body Shape: Petite and Thin
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Black and White Skirt
  • Style Tip: Add on black heels or loafer shoes with hoops to look beautiful.

12. Black Shimmer Wrap Top:


The wrap tops are something new in the fashion world, and if you are a sucker for unique new varieties, why not try this one out. The shimmery look adds to the boldness and partywear style statement, with a loose and comfortable fit and a gorgeous look.

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Shimmery Wrap Top with Long Sleeves
  • Fit Type: Loose
  • Occasion to Wear: Dinners
  • Preferred Body Shape: Curvy, Petite, and Hourglass
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Jeans and Denim
  • Style Tip: Add this with minimal styling and dainty accessories to look edgy.

13. Black Sleeveless Net Top:


This self-design black top without sleeves is classy and elegant. We love how this style is simple, minimal yet eye-catchy and lovely with net design near neck area and woven textured look and design. This is quite a versatile one – be it for parties, dinners or special date night dinners, try these trendy black tops, and we bet you can look stunning and just like a diva.

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Sleeveless Net Black Self-Design Top
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Dinners and Parties
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin and Hourglass
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Beige or Cream Pants or Skirts
  • Style Tip: Add this with cream colour heels or pumps with loose hair and studded accessories to look good.

14. Black High Neck Striped Top:


The high-neck top is now back in fashion this decade, given its vintage and classic look. This high neck striped top gives an immensely beautiful and pretty look for young ladies out there for those special chilly night outings or winters.

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Striped Black High NeckTop with Full Sleeves
  • Fit Type: FItted
  • Occasion to Wear: Night Outings
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin,Pear Body Shape
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Denim Skirt
  • Style Tip: Add this with high boots with minimal styling to look gorgeous.

15. Black Strapless Tube Top:


If you want to go ahead and an extra inch in making your fashion statement look, this tube top is one for it. For all the young modern, and bold ladies out there, this solid black tube top without strips is a good deal. Be it for lunches or vacations, this one is perfect to even out style, comfort as well as looks.

  • Top Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black Tube Top without Straps and Sleeves
  • Fit Type: Tube
  • Occasion to Wear: Vacations
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin Women
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Pink or Beige Skirt or Pants
  • Style Tip: Add with black pumps, a big dial watch and hand stacked accessories to make a statement look.

16. Ladies Black Silk Top:

This is a very nice black colour top. Master type layers have been done on top. It is a cap sleeve and round neck. You can wear it while going for a dinner and movie. It is nicely crafted with an expert of sound material and clean design.

17. Black Asymmetrical Top for Girls:

This top has an Asymmetrical design which is in vogue. The length of both sleeves is also different. One is short, and the other is 3/4th. It can be a party wear top. Girls will look unusual with nourishing personality in black top. The wearer will feel at ease in this.

18. Cotton Black Tops for Teens:

This black colour top is of cotton fabric with a full sleeve. Cotton will make you feel good at wearing. It is easy to wear, and you can wear this in winter too due to the full sleeve. It is apt for college going girls. This top is looking good with Maroon colour Pant.

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19. Sleeveless Black White Top:

In this black top, the middle portion is decorated with white colour work. The square block is drawn with white colour in the exact middle area. It is a fine sleeveless top. One can use it as regular wear too. This will create a very good impression of you.

20. Black Top with Neck Pattern:

This black top is awesome and something different. It has to lavish zari work with a black rose on the neck. This girl has done in a shirt with blue jeans and giving a confident pose. The pattern is lively and rich in look. It is considerably above average.

21. Black Shirt Top for Ladies:

It is black in colour; half sleeve top is good for ladies. It is giving a formal look to ladies. The design is decent and magnificent. Ladies can wear this top anywhere. Ladies will look dignified and honourable in this proper top. Ladies will feel satisfactory at this top.

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22. Designer Black Sleeveless Top:

It is a sleeveless and square design neck pattern of black top. The black top is fitted on a vest. It is going to give good shape to your figure. It is going to look virtuous and ethical. Girls will surely look tasty in this top. You can pair it with white pant also.

23. Black Floral Lace Top:

This black top is decorated with lace work. It is of an acceptable standard and modest top. Girls will look decorous and doll in this. People will compliment this black lace top. It has an enchanting and delightful design. Girls will look attractive in this.

24. Traditional Black Top for Women:

Women will look pretty in this black top. Hand embroidery is done on the neck and sleeve. The button is embossed on the sleeve. It is perfect for women. This lady has nicely combined with matching jeans. It is nice-looking and snatching hearts of women.

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25. Hottest Girls Black Net Tops:

This black top is charismatic. It has a tube top inside covered with a net. The girl is looking hot in this. The flower print is embossed on the net with a high neck beautifying a girl’s beauty. Long earring is also suiting with this neck pattern top.

Black tops are highly in demand among ladies. Even celebrities prefer black colour dress in every functions and party. The black top has many patterns and styles, which gives a new look to your image altogether. Some black tops are nicely engraved with embroidery, lace and net work. Among this variety of black top, women may get bemused and baffle to choose which black top to wear in functions. Women will seriously look great and superior in the black top. The black colour is capable enough to blend with any other colour and get nice paired.