How to Unlock Ice Hunter Aloy Style in Fortnite

How to Unlock Ice Hunter Aloy Style in Fortnite

Epic Games

In case you missed the news, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to Fortnite. This PlayStation icon will be joining Kratos as they look to assert dominance on the island.

Like Kratos before her, Aloy will have a second style that not everyone will have the option to unlock at first. Although you might be one of the lucky few that gets her for free, that doesn’t mean you will get the Ice Hunter style.

Instead of having to pick it up in the Item Shop, Epic decided to team up with Sony and go a different route and it involves having the newest hardware available.

Here’s how to get the Ice Hunter Aloy style.

Ice Hunter Aloy is Expensive

fortnite aloy skin freefortnite aloy skin free

Epic Games

If you have the Matte Black Master Chief or Armored Kratos skin, then you likely already know how this one is going.

To get the Ice Hunter Aloy style, you’ll have to first buy the Aloy bundle, and then you’ll need to get your hands on a PS5. This second style will only be available to players who have Sony’s newest console.

The only thing you’ll have to do is play a match on PS5 once you own the Aloy skin and the new one will be unlocked for you. If it’s like Kratos or Master Chief, you might not even have to do that as the skin will just be given to you right away.

There won’t be any sort of timetable you’ll need to have a PS5 to unlock this skin, so don’t fret about that. If you have Aloy and pick up a PS5 years down the line, this second style will be waiting for you free of charge.

More Coming From Sony?

armored kratos style fortnitearmored kratos style fortnite

Epic Games / Sony

The timing of this move is curious as Sony just invested $200 million into Epic Games as part of another round of funding.

It’s no secret that Epic is collecting the video game Infinity Stones as they have now acquired both Rocket League and Fall Guys over the past couple of years.

While we haven’t seen a Fall Guys crossover yet, Rocket League has already crossed over twice as part of the Llama Rama events.

Sony’s investment could pave the way for more PlayStation-centric crossovers. Considering both Aloy and Kratos have appears in Fortnite, what would be stopping more characters from showing up?

Rachet and Clank seem like they’d fit quite well into Fortnite, so maybe that could end up being the next crossover.

It’s hard to imagine where Fortnite goes from here as it seems like the possibilities are just about endless. Imagine your surprise a year ago if somebody told you this game would be getting Predator, Alien, Kratos and Master Chief all over the course of a few months.

Would you have believed that was even possible? Now, anything is possible. While the crossovers have slowed down significantly, Epic has proven that they can still surprise players with cool additions such as Aloy. Will you be picking her up?

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