Ian Wright sends message to Josh Kroenke on Twitter


Arsenal legend Ian Wright has taken to Twitter to send a message to Gunners director Josh Kroenke in wake of the European Super League fiasco.

The dust is beginning on settle on what has been one of the most dramatic, and worrying, five days in football history.

The European Super League proposal threatened to end our beautiful game as we know it, but the fans fought back to ensure it did not come to fruition.

Still, boardrooms across England and Europe are riddled with delusion, with those involved in signing up to the ESL still pulling the strings at the 12 clubs.

One of those implicated is Josh Kroenke, son of Stan, who answered questions alongside Gunners chief executive Vinai Venkatesham at the virtual Arsenal Fans’ Forum yesterday.

As quoted by Football London, Josh Kroenke gave his take on the situation, attempting to justify why Arsenal made the plunge and joined the ESL:

“I think the global fan wants to see Arsenal vs Barcelona regularly, as much as possible.”

“I think the European fan wants to see more big matches between top clubs because their domestic league is so predictable.”

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Arsenal supporters are not particularly fond of the Kroenke family.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has taken to Twitter to take issue with this part of Kroenke’s comments in particular, and he’s hit the nail on the head.

This echoes the feelings of football fans across England. Nobody has a right to partake in fixtures of that magnitude, it has to be earned, else it counts for nothing.

Some would deem it dramatic to suggest that the fan backlash against the ESL plans has saved football, but in terms of upholding the moral values of the sport, it has.

Every club, no matter the size or stature, ought to dream about clashes with the Barcelona’s of the world in European competition. Arsenal do not deserve to realise that dream by default.