Ikorodu Bois Set To Feature In Netflix’s Oscar Film Brand Campaign


Renowned movie streaming site, Netflix has announced that they plan to feature Nigerian comedy group, Ikorodu Bois in its Oscar Film Brand Campaign.

This was revealed in a statement sighted in a report made by THE PUNCH and the movie streaming site indicated that the campaign is targeted at fans of the company who not only love watching but recreating scenes from Netflix movies.

“Netflix’s wide reach has woken up a new generation of global film fans, allowing them to discover more diverse perspectives, see themselves reflected, and inspiring new forms of movie-love.

Once a year, the Oscars pierce the culture and put movies on our collective minds, and this year, we are putting the spotlight on the Ikorodu Bois to remind movie fans that fans are the most important part of the movies.

The year 2020/21 has been a weird and wonderful year for films and film lovers and our films brought joy and hope to the industry, and more importantly, to fans. In seeing the Ikorodu Bois channel their creativity into remakes/tributes of their favorite movies, we see the joy of being a fan,” the statement revealed.

The Vice President, Brand, Netflix, Eric Pallotta also explained the rationale behind settling on the Ikorodu Bois for this and he said;

“We chose to spotlight the Ikorodu Bois because their style is both charming and unique, using a mix of DIY craft and childlike joy to recreate mega-budget films on a shoestring.

They first caught our eye when they remade the trailer for Extraction in June 2020. The Bois have followers all over the world because their passion for entertainment is infectious and they remind us of that feeling we had when we fell in love with movies as a kid.”

Also, the Director of the Ikorodu Bois, Babatunde Sanni also spoke about this good news and in his submission, he said;

“We love movies because they give us the inspiration we need, put us in the best mood, and allow us to get a glimpse into the lives of amazing people.

The reason why we do what we do is for the love of movies and we want to show the world that things can be achieved with the use of little stuff.”