Insiders Give Updates on Latest Cowboys-Falcons Trade Rumor

Insiders Give Updates on Latest Cowboys-Falcons Trade Rumor
Cowboys Trade


The Dallas Cowboys continue to be the subject of trade rumors.

With less than a month to go before the 2021 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys rumors are heating up. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is “infatuated” with Florida tight end Kyle Pitts which prompted speculation the team could work a trade with the Falcons to move up to the No. 4 pick. According to Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher, trade talks between the Falcons and Cowboys have not taken place.

“That has not happened,” a team source told Sports Illustrated.

Fisher went on to speculate that the Cowboys will likely at least talk with the Falcons about the price of moving up. While the cost would likely be steep, it is unlikely to carry the same premium as trading up to snag a quarterback. Fisher did confirm the Falcons are “listening to offers” to move down in the draft.

“A Falcons team source has acknowledged to that they are indeed listening to offers for the No. 4 overall pick,” Fisher added.

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Pitts Would Give the Cowboys the ‘Best Offense in the NFC,’ Says ESPN’s Matt Miller

The one thing analysts appear to agree on is the Cowboys will need to trade up if they want to land Pitts. ESPN’s Matt Miller believes the recent rumblings about the Falcons shopping their pick is a way to try to entice the Cowboys to make a trade.

“I can’t see him getting past No. 6 overall,” Miller said on Get Up. “What’s funny about this is about a week ago you started hearing from scouts that, ‘Hey, Dallas loves Kyle Pitts.’ It’s like, okay, that’s cute, he’s not going to be there at No. 10 and then you have Schefty [Adam Schefter] and Mort [Chris Mortensen] reporting things like ‘You know, Atlanta would be open to trading that No. 4 pick.’ And you can pretty easily put the dots together of Atlanta basically saying, ‘Oh, you want Kyle Pitts. Come and get him.’”

There is a major difference in the Cowboys selecting Pitts if he drops to No. 10 compared to giving up assets to trade up to select the tight end. Miller added it might be tempting for the Cowboys to make a deal as adding Pitts would make the Cowboys the “best offense in the NFC.”

“Now, the cost is not going to be the same as what we just saw San Francisco pay to move up to get a quarterback,” Miller added. “That’s something important to remember, but if Jerry Jones wants to build a superteam on offense with Dak Prescott back, Tyron Smith back. You’ve got the great receiving core there. They drafted CeeDee Lamb in the first round last year. Oh, and you have Ezekiel Elliott. If you add Kyle Pitts to that offense, guys, no disrespect to Tampa Bay, that’s the best offense in the NFC. They have a great offensive line. They have a very, very good quarterback and if you add in the LeBron James of tight end prospects, Kyle Pitts, I don’t know how you stop Dallas.”

The Falcons Are Reportedly ‘Open to Moving’ the No. 4 Pick

Talk of a Cowboys-Falcons swap comes days after ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Atlanta is “open to moving” the fourth pick. The price to swap picks with a team like the Panthers at No. 8 would be much cheaper, but Pitts could be in play for the Falcons, Bengals or Dolphins with the fourth through sixth selections.

“With teams locked into the first three overall picks, the Atlanta Falcons now have received trade calls from multiple teams and ‘are open to moving’ out of the No. 4 spot, per source,” Schefter tweeted.