Is DMX Dead or Alive? No Credible Report of Rapper’s Death

Is DMX Dead or Alive? No Credible Report of Rapper’s Death
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There is no credible source reporting that rapper DMX has in fact died after his hospitalization in New York. Several prominent journalists are expressing doubt that DMX is dead, pointing out that there is no evidence he has died.

“RIP DMX” trended fast on Twitter as thousands of people assumed that DMX was dead on April 8, 2021. However, the unverified report came from a site called The Saint, which offered no proof for the claim.

Philip Lewis, a senior editor with the Huffington Post, attempted to calm the flames on Twitter, writing that there was no confirmation that DMX had died. “Yikes. So Luenell posted and deleted a IG story that DMX died and it appears outlets rolled with it,” he wrote. Luenell is a comedian. Lewis added, “I’ve seen a tweet from an account with no source, details. And an IG post from Luenell (which isn’t enough by itself).”

Lewis concluded: “He’s in bad shape, but it not clear to me that he’s passed yet.” Sites that are normally quick to report celebrity deaths, such as TMZ, have not reported that DMX died.

Well-known journalist Yashar Ali also expressed great skepticism about the claim, writing, “I have not seen any reliable news organizations report that DMX has passed away. I know he’s in bad shape but there has been no official confirmation of his passing.”

Luenell Updated Her Instagram Post to Clarify What She Meant

Luenell originally wrote on her Instagram story, “It is over. My friend is gone. Soar w/ the (bird). Join the best that ever did it. RIP…DMX>”

She then wrote, “When your spirit leaves and your organs fail you. The body becomes just a shell. One becomes wrapped in the Lord’s arms. That’s what ‘I’ call gone. I’m sorry to all. #DMX.”

She then updated her story to say, “When your spirit leaves and your organs fail you, the body becomes just a shell. One becomes wrapped in the Lord’s arms. That’s what ‘I’ call gone. I’m sorry to all. #DMX.”

In other words, she appears to have been saying that DMX was gone because he’s in a coma/vegetative state, not that he is dead.

The Rapper Was in Grave Condition After a Heart Attack

According to NBC New York, the rapper was hospitalized in grave condition following a heart attack.

NBC New York previously quoted DMX’s attorney Murray Richman as saying the heart attack occurred at DMX’s home at 11 p.m. on Friday, April 2, 2021. The rapper’s real name is Earl Simmons. He was rushed to a hospital in White Plains, New York.

“I received a call this morning that Earl Simmons was in the hospital, at the White Plains Hospital, and that he had a heart attack, and I’m not sure how it was induced and that he’s on life support,” Richman said.

“I’ve spoken to the family and the family and I are quite close with each other. I am concerned about his well-being and mindful of his significance. I have known Earl for over 25 years and I believe that his music is quite poignant, very important. He’s truly a poet of our time,” Richman said to ABC7. F

DMX Overdosed on Drugs, Reports Say

DMX holding a microphone.

Getty ImagesDMX.

DMX’s lawyer told NBC that he didn’t know what caused DMX’s heart attack.

However, TMZ reported that it was caused by a drug overdose. According to TMZ, the overdose “triggered” the heart attack.

TMZ received conflicts reports at first about DMX’s condition, with one source saying he had “some brain activity” and another describing the rapper as being in a “vegetative state.”

According to TMZ, DMX has had well-known issues with drugs. He ended up in rehab several times, the latest in 2019, according to the entertainment site. He also served time for tax evasion.

The New York Times reported that DMX was in a vegetative state and in a coma. That’s the most recent report.

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