Is FTN Bae Arrested For Harassing Doodie Lo? Rapper Charges And Mugshot Revealed – What We Know!

FTN Bae was arrested for harassing Doodie Lo and violating her eternal restraining order.

In response to the court docket docket paperwork, she has been charged with aggravated stalking, even after an injunction for protection.

Doodie’s lawyer says:  “I’m displaying, from that woman’s personal lie detector physician (since everybody appears to be so “involved” about lie detector outcomes) reinstating what we already study her”.

“Additionally included within the PERMANENT RESTRAINING ORDER the decide issued towards her which she is in violation of as we converse!” 

The lawyer has further talked about: “She has given you no info supporting or corroborating proof and but you all nonetheless pay this misguided soul consideration.”

In October 2021, Bae had accused Doodie Lo of molesting her son. She often called Lo a “sick man” and claimed that he had inserted screws inside the child’s butt.

In the meantime,  Lo had denied all these accusations made upon him. Once more in January 2022, Bae had backed away from the accusations.

The singer had gone reside on her Instagram apologizing to  Doodie Lo after he had taken a lie detector test.