It Just Became Easier to Level Up in Fortnite, Here’s How

It Just Became Easier to Level Up in Fortnite, Here’s How
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There are many ways to level up in Fortnite, and with so many things to unlock, many of you will want to try and do this as soon as you possibly can.

Seasons are long, but you will have to essentially level up two Battle Passes and then some if you want to unlock things like the Golden styles.

Completing challenges and quests are by far the quickest way to earn XP, but once those options are exhausted, players will instead have to shift gears to something else.

Collecting XP Coins and getting eliminations will only take you so far, so you might be interested in knowing there’s an easier way to level up.

This is a method that’s been around in the game for a while now, and it all comes back to the Creative Mode.

Creative XP Buffed

According to Fortnite leaker Mang0e, Creative XP has just gotten a big buff in Season 6 and now it’ll be much more worthwhile to sit around and farm XP if you’d like to.

Previously, sitting around for 15 minutes would only give you 6,300 XP, which is a decent amount. Now, you’ll get 8,400. This is a pretty big increase and will allow you to play all the cool stuff Creative has to offer.

Alternatively, you can just sit around and bank this XP every 15 minutes by being there and doing nothing. The point is that this is now a very effective way to earn XP and if you’re willing to dedicate an entire day to doing this, then you can now do so.

If you’re feeling especially spicy, just set your controller down with a rubber band on the thumbstick and come back in day. You’ll probably be surprised with your results.

Is it Worth It?

Epic Games

For right now, we can’t imagine too many people are going to be sitting around collecting XP like this, but we know some will.

Typically, this type of thing would be used a last-ditch effort for players who are scrambling to get XP at the last minute. We’re only two big updates into Season 6, so there’s still plenty of time left to level up the normal way.

However, Creative players who like to practice edits, play Zone Wars, etc. will definitely notice this change.

Remember that a good way of leveling up past 100 is to save your quests as long as you possibly can. Once you get past 100 you can no longer buy tiers, so you’ll need to level up the old fashioned way.

This is where having quests banked up come into play because you can just complete this and zoom past 100. If you want every Battle Pass skin this season has to offer, you’ll need to get all the way to level 225.

That’s certainly a lot of grinding, but it’s nothing anything players should be worried about at the moment. In the closing weeks of the season, you might think differently, but right now you should just be enjoying Season 6.

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