Itasha Brunson Car Accident | Woman Involved in an Accident With Her Kids

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Itasha Brunson Car Accident | Itasha Brunson of Holly Springs, Mississippi was identified as the victim of a fatal car crash.

Two juveniles and one adult were transported. One of the children was critical, but now all parties are listed as non-critical.

Following Brunson’s Facebook Live video, the Memphis Police Department responded to a car accident involving multiple vehicles on the I-240 near Perkins Road in Memphis. In a tweet on the morning of June 26, Memphis Police said one car was overturned and “two juveniles and one adult” were brought to the hospital. One of the children was listed as critical but all three are now confirmed to be non-critical, the MPD stated. The MPD did not release the names of those injured in the accident, so it’s unclear if that accident involved Brunson.

However, Brunson’s Facebook Live video indicated that she was driving on the I-240. She later posted another video in which she confirmed that she was in an accident but said that she wasn’t trying to commit suicide or harm her children. She explained that the car crash was an accident and her initial video was an attempt to get attention.

In the first video, Brunson emotionally explains that she wants to end her life and bring her children with her. She says, “I hate to take my baby girl’s life. You can’t trust everybody with the girls.” In the video, Brunson can be seen holding a baby in her arms and there is another child in the passenger seat. She also says, “I can’t leave them here by themselves because my mama take good care of them, but I want to take somebody with me.”

She can also be heard saying that she’s having difficulty going ahead with her idea because there aren’t many cars on the highway: “I just can’t do it no more,” Brunson says. “I want this to be something quick like traffic is so thin right now. I want this to happen so quick.”

After her accident, Brunson posted on Facebook and said: “Dont nobody have the right to judge me. Yall not in my shoes. I love my babies and wont do nothing to harm them and anybody who knows me knows that. At least im honest on my reasons so could everybody stop bashing me. It was an accident!”

In the video, she says she never intended to kill herself along with her children, and her first video was only a cry for attention. She also posted on Facebook in a comment that’s no longer available: “I’m okay everybody n my girls are stable just pray I didn’t mean for this to happen like this I was going live for Glen attention n didn’t know he was home sleep n.”

She also wrote that the accident happened when she dropped her phone and lost control of her car reaching for it. She added: “I wouldn’t dare hurt them girl n everybody know me know I wouldn’t I love kids.”

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