Ja Morant Dead – Death: Tememtrius Jamel Morant Dead or Alive

Horace Clarke Death

Ja Morant Death is untrue! American professional basketball is very much alive and not dead.

It was read on a website that he is dead. According to a one prank website that says “Earlier this morning nba star Ja Morant died in his home in downtown Memphis due to a undetected fatal illness. This is a sad evening for the state of Memphis said local resident Tom sugonma. This is a bad year for the whole nba all prayers go out to Ja’s family.”

We believed this is just a prank and we believe it is untrue.

Ja Morant debuts his new “JA 12” personal logo as he arrives in Orlando.

He and several players spent their quarantine break working on personal branding concepts & direction.

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