Jabe Wilhoit Car Accident – Jabe Wilhoit of Taunton Ma on Life Support, What Happened?

Kyren Wilson Car Accident

Jabe Wilhoit Car Accident – Jabe Wilhoit was involved in a serious car accident, and according to his GoFundMe page, he is on life support.

My roommate Jabe Wilhoit got in a very bad car crash and Is in icu on life support due to collapsed lungs and other issues from the crash. Jabe always wanted the best for everyone and would put himself after anyone. Because of Jabe I have made so many great friends and gotten out of our dorm to meet people instead of staying alone all day.

Jabe’s family, friends and myself are praying for him constantly so any prayers or any donation will be greatly appreciated and gone directly to hospital fees. Thank you so much.