Jack Phelan Death – Dead: Jack Phelan Obituary, Cause of Death

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Jack Phelan Death – Died: Jack Phelan Cause of Death | Jack Phelan Obituary

Farmington high school basketball coach Jack Phelan has passed away. He died on July 20, 2020.

Jack Phelan cause of death was not given and no reliable source is talking about it.

it is the worst news to be informed, that probably one of the nicest staff members and coach at FHS has passed away. Coach Phelan was probably one of the nicest coaches I ever met.

I always enjoyed seeing him at all of the big time sports, events and games, and in school. I was wishing to had seen him by when we returned back to school. Knowing I won’t be able to see him anymore saddens me. He will be missed by all.

Dan Nadel wrote
Jack Phelan, the Athletic Director at Farmington High School for the last 20ish years, has passed away. He not only did wonders for the FHS athletics department as an organization, but also had a massively positive influence on the lives of so many student athletes (myself especially). R.I.P. Mr. Phelan.

Steve Cox wrote
He oversaw the Univ. of Hartford’s transition from a DII to a DI basketball program during his coaching tenure there. RIP, Jack. Gone too soon.

Dennis Haviland wrote
Steve Cox – I remember that, too. Under Phelan, it looked like UH planned to play big-time D1 hoops -even well before the arrival of Vin Baker. Phelan always had some prominent teams -Georgetown, etc- on his schedule. I don’t remember why, but they qui… See More

Steve Cox wrote
Pretty much, Dennis. I can’t recall why they scrapped the plans, either.

Steve Waters wrote
Jack and I spent close to 20 years across from each both agreeing and debating the needs and wants of student /athletes and sports/life . He wanted what was “Best for the Kids”!
Best to his Family .
He was proud of them!…

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