Jacob Bertrand on How Hawk Will Handle Joining Daniel & Johnny’s Dojo

Hawk and Demetri


Hawk and Demetri talk at Moon’s party.

During the first season of “Cobra Kai,” Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand) changes his appearance and personality after joining the Cobra Kai dojo, owned by Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). The martial artist, who used to be a timid “Doctor Who” fan, becomes increasingly aggressive and harasses his former best friend, Demetri (Gianni Decenzo). In season 2, episode 5, Hawk vandalizes the Miyagi-Do Karate dojo owned by Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio). His behavior only worsens during the show’s third season. He brutally beats up Brucks ( Bo Mitchell), who used to bully him, and later breaks Demetri’s arm. However, the teenager eventually regrets his past actions and manages to mend his friendship with Demetri. He also parts ways with Cobra Kai and becomes a student at Daniel and Johnny’s joint dojo

Jacob Bertrand Talked About His Character Will Handle Joining Daniel & Johnny’s Dojo

Hawk & MoonHawk & Moon

YouTubeHawk and Moon appear together in “Cobra Kai.”

Fans of the show may be curious how Hawk will be able to practice at the dojo that he had once destroyed. The character also physically and emotionally hurt quite a few of his new teammates while he was a student at John Kreese’s (Martin Kove) Cobra Kai. During a January interview with the “Cobra Kai Kompanion Podcast,” Jacob Bertrand addressed how he believed how his character will navigate this dilemma in the show’s fourth season, which is currently in production. He explained that he was skeptical when the show’s creators, Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, revealed that Hawk would be switching sides. 

“I was like, ‘how is he going to turn this around?’” recalled the actor. 

He noted that the storyline started to make sense to him when the writers “kind of walked [him] through their thought process of sort of how they envisioned the lead up.” The actor went on to say that he believed Hawk never had a loyalty to John Kreese. Rather the character believed in “Johnny’s ideology and Johnny’s Cobra Kai.” He noted, however, that he expects his character to have a difficult time at the new dojo, “because of the s*** that [he’s] done.” 

Bertrand shared similar sentiments while speaking to Entertainment Weekly in January. He noted that his character will probably have to make amends to everyone he has harmed. 

“I think for next season the repercussions of that are going to be a lot of relationship nurturing and building with you know Demitri and a lot of the other kids you know from Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do ’cause he’s on the good side now but he’s not necessarily the best of guys,” explained Bertrand. 

Bertrand Also Revealed How He Felt About Hawk Breaking Demetri’s Arm

Hawk -- Cobra KaiHawk -- Cobra Kai

YouTubeJacob Bertrand plays Hawk in “Cobra Kai.”

During the Entertainment Weekly  interview, Bertrand also discussed how he reacted to finding out Hawk severely injured Demetri, who he had once considered his “binary brother.” The 21-year-old revealed that he felt his character could not be redeemed because of that incident. 

“I remember reading that script and being like, ‘wow this kid, he’s on the dark side. There’s no going back. Like I don’t know how he can recover from this,’” explained Bertrand. 

He stated, however, that Hawk committed such violence because he was “under the influence of Kreese.” The actor went on to say that he believed his character viewed breaking Demetri’s arm as “an act to solidify himself” as a member of Kreese’s dojo. 

To see more of Bertrand, watch ‘Cobra Kai,’ available to stream on Netflix. 

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