James Kennedy Reveals Marriage Proposal News


Lisa Vanderpump

Could season 9 of “Vanderpump Rules” include a proposal? James Kennedy sure made it seem like it. Kennedy attended a royal dinner party during a recent episode of “Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump.”

The former SUR DJ revealed that he is ready to marry longtime girlfriend Raquel Leviss. Vanderpump – who has been a fan of the relationship since the beginning – gave her blessing for the future engagement. “You won’t find anyone else that’s more on your side than that girl,” Vanderpump told Kennedy of Leviss.

Kennedy then revealed that he sees a serious future with her. He told Vanderpump, “Well, can you keep a secret? … I love Raquel so much, you know that. She really has helped me, and you’ve seen everything she’s stuck by me with. I really couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else on this planet. There’s no ‘buts’ — I think I’m going to ask her to marry me.”

Vanderpump once again shared her approval replying, “That will be the best decision you’ve ever made.” She then attempted to help Kennedy practice some possible proposal options for the “big moment.” It wouldn’t be the first time Vanderpump helped one of her employees out with their special day!

Leviss Has Also Opened Up About Marrying Kennedy

It looks like Kennedy isn’t the only one in the relationship thinking about the long-run. Leviss shared last April that the two have discussed their future together and marriage is definitely a serious option.

“We’ve been talking about engagement for a long time,” she shared with HollywoodLife in April 2020. “He’s mentioned it to me several times and I told him I would tell him when I’m ready. I see it in the future.”

Leviss added, “It’s not that I’m not ready. I would love to have my parents’ approval on it. We’ve been together for a long time. My parents have seen all the sides of James as well, so my parents are super supportive of our relationship now. It’s just making sure I have their approval before I make the next step.”

Fans of “Vanderpump Rules” have witnessed firsthand how Kennedy and Leviss’s relationship has grown over the years. The two first met at a New Year’s Eve party where Kennedy was DJ’ing. At the time, Leviss had, “no idea what the show was,” she told Bravo a few months later. The couple became Instagram official in February 2016, moved in together in November 2018, adopted a dog together, and have been dating for more than five years now.

Kennedy Revealed How Quarantine Affected Their Relationship

Stars, they’re just like us! The COVID-19 pandemic hit everyone differently, and Kennedy recently shared how spending quarantine with Leviss affected their relationship.

“I think that we both definitely learned how much we love each other, for real,” Kennedy shared with TheThings in March. “A lot of couples have been challenged during this time. I’ve seen a lot of people break up and I’ve seen some get together. For me and Raquel, we’re just as strong as we were in the beginning.”

He continued saying, “Quarantine’s kept us together every single day but we really work well together. We haven’t gotten bored of each other yet, which is nice. I mean, sh*t, I feel like I already know everything about her so after quarantine started it’s like there’s no more surprises.”

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