Jax Taylor Reveals New Details on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ exit

Jax Taylor Reveals New Details on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ exit
Jax Taylor


Former Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor revealed new details about his departure from Vanderpump Rules. In a new interview on the Daddy Issues podcast with Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson, the 41-year-old former SUR bartender admitted he was relieved to be done with the Bravo reality show after nine seasons.

“It was a huge, huge relief for me,” Taylor admitted. “You know, when we talked with the producers and stuff, it just didn’t make sense for me anymore, to be totally honest. I mean they said ‘Listen if you’re not really gonna partake in any of this stuff’…I was battling them for like two years because I didn’t want to shoot things.”

Taylor explained that it it “just doesn’t make sense for a 40-year-old to be hanging out with a 20-year-old and fighting and arguing.”

“I have nothing in common,” he added of his yoiunger castmates. “It was getting stretched and it just didn’t name sense anymore. And I have zero interest in Hollywood lifestyle. I’m 40, I’m gonna be a father. My focus is on that. It’s just not fair to the show, either, to be like ‘Ok I’m gonna sign up for this but I’m only gonna be able to do this and this.’ So, you know I was okay with the decision to hang it up.”

Jax Taylor Said He Grew Tired of Constantly Being the Pot-Stirrer on the Show

Jax Taylor

BravoJax Taylor on Vanderpump Rules

When asked if it was “tiring” to be portrayed the spot-stirrer always involved in controversies, Taylor, who is expecting his first child with wife Brittany Cartwright any day now, said. “You have no idea.”

Not only do you have to film it, but then you have to rewatch it again six months later,” he said. “So you don’t know how they edited the show or whatever and they’re gonna make you how they want to make you, it doesn’t matter.”

Taylor said he was frustrated by people who would tell him he looked “crazy” on the show. He explained that he filmed “hours and hours of footage” for each 45-minute episode.

“They’re only showing when I’m at my peak,” he said. “They’re not showing how I got there or how I resolve the situation. I do look that crazy when you’re only showing little clips of me. If people would understand why I got mad, they’d understand why I was acting like a crazy person. They never show that! And it just wasn’t fair to me. It’s not fair to my new son who’s coming into this world. He didn’t ask for this.”

Jax Taylor Said He Was Paid ‘A Lot of Money’ To Be the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Villain

Vanderpump Rules

NBCUMVVanderpump Rules cast

In the new interview, Taylor hinted he had signed some sort of an NDA but could talk about certain things regarding Vanderpump Rules.

“The show was good to me,” he said. “I feel like they did me a little dirty towards the end but that’s private business. I was paid a lot of money to be that douchebag, that villain, that guy. So of course I amped it up, that was part of my job.”

Taylor added that he did “a damn good job” at playing a heightened version of himself for nine seasons.

“I was on the show for nine years. I made a lot of money and I was happy,” he said. “But the only thing I’m gonna miss about it is the paycheck. But that lifestyle, when you hit a certain age, I can’t do it anymore. They could double my salary, they could offer me a lot more and I’d say ‘I just can’t do this anymore guys, I’m gonna be a father.’”

He also said it wouldn’t be “realistic for him to pretend to be a bartender at Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood restaurant because he hasn’t been an actual employee there in years.

“It’s not realistic,” he said. “It’s not fair for the viewers. I haven’t realistically worked at SUR for like six years.”

Jax Taylor Revealed That He Is Not Walking Away From Reality TV For Good

Vanderpump Rules cast

GettyDayna Kathan, Lala Kent, James Mae, Co-Founder Kristen Doute, Scheana Shay, Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor attend The Garage Sale featuring James Mae and Friend presented by Good Times at Davey Wayne’s on August 07, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

In a previous fan Q&A, Jax revealed that he has been doing some film production work with his close friend, film producer Randall Emmett. While he has outgrown Vanderpump Rules, Taylor also wants to continue his television career— but this time as a dad.

“We’re not walking away from TV,” Jax told the podcast. “We’re just going to move on to something more family-oriented, something that’s just less stressful, no drama. We don’t have time for any of that anymore. Nothing against the show, I’m still going to be a fan. It’s going to be nice to watch it and tap in and tap out.”

As for his plans going forward, Taylor described it as a “shift” in his persona. He also teased that he has meetings in the works and joked about a possible new show called “From Shots to Tots.”

“I’m reaching out to different networks,” he said. “I’m a big HGTV guy. I love fixing things up. I’m a  guy’s guy. I’m really into vintage, nostalgic stuff, fixing up things. There’s some things going on that we’re talking about… we’re lucky enough that people are reaching out to us now, which is nice so we have the option.”

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