Jeanna Triplicata Death Dead – Jeanna Triplicata Obituary: Cause of Death

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Jeanna Triplicata Death Dead – Jeanna Triplicata Obituary: Cause of Death

Jeanna Triplicata was on a tandem jump with an instructor near Thomaston when, according to investigators, both chutes failed to open properly.

Before she boarded a skydiving plane on Sunday for her first parachute jump, Jeanna Triplicata who clocked 18 in May posed for a photo next to her grandmother, Renee, and both of them were excited.

“That morning (Jeanna) wasn’t afraid, she wasn’t apprehensive, she was just ready to do it,” said her father, Joey Triplicata.

Jeanna and Renee went up in the plane together.

Each jumped in tandem with a professional skydiver from Skydive Atlanta, based near Thomaston.

The whole family was at the airfield to watch.

Joey Triplicata said Renee and her skydiver landed first, and they were all smiles.

Then, everyone looked up, looking for the orange chute they knew Jeanna’s instructor had picked for their jump.

We saw an orange-ish type of chute kind of far away, off in the distance, that was actually spinning, upside down,” Joey said Monday from the family’s home in Newnan. “And my wife actually turned to me and said, ‘I hope that’s not Jeanna.’”

They jumped into their van and sped across the airfield toward the area where they thought Jeanna would have just landed.

A sheriff’s deputy was already there, and kept them away.

“We get out of the van and he (the sheriff’s deputy) tells us, he said, ‘You know, it doesn’t look good.’”

Jeanna was killed, along with the Skydive Atlanta professional skydiver who jumped with her, Nick Esposito, 35, of Warner Robins.

“It’s a freak, freak accident,” Joey said Monday, and he said he had been sure the jump would be safe for her.

“As devastating as it is, it was just a mistake” with the chutes or some other piece of equipment. “I don’t know where the mistake was made, they’re obviously investigating, and eventually they’ll find out what happened and tell us. We’re desperate to know that.”

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