Jemmye Carroll Blasts Jenna Compono: ‘Trash A** Ex Coworker’

Jemmye Carroll Slams Jenna Compono: ‘I Said What I Said’


Th Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 cast members on stage on July 17, 2017 in New York City.

After a few heated social media exchanges in the last few weeks, longtime Challenge rivals Jenna Compono and Jemmye Carroll went at it again on Twitter, this time with Jemmye accusing both Jenna and her husband Zach Nichols of being a bigot and having “trash a** opinions.”

The latest round in this social media battle kicked off on April 17 when a fan shared screenshots of some posts Zach made on Facebook referencing politics, the COVID-19 vaccine and transgender rights. The fan wrote, “so Zach is transphobic now too! Along with being both anti mask & anti vax.” Jemmye retweeted the post and commented, “I’ll just start referencing this tweet when y’all ask me why I don’t like Jenna.”

In response to fans questioning her about why she dislikes Jenna based on Zach’s views, Jemmye wrote, “You are what u love.” She also said, “I didnt say s*** except Zack trash a** opinions toward communities I care about is why I dont f*** with her privileged a** anymore & Jenna has the same views as that man & anyone that thinks differently is an idiot. Blaming me for hate she’s getting bc of her man’s post is wild.” She then added:

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Jenna Responded & Accused Jemmye’s Social Media Attacks of Causing Fans to Send Her Death Threats

Jenna responded to Jemmye’s comments later that evening, writing, “For someone who preaches ‘positivity’, yet you intentionally attack someone frequently enough that your fans send multiple messages about killing a pregnant woman, when is this considered harassment?” She shared a screenshot of a fan account threatening to come into her house with a knife.

Jemmye responded to Jenna and said, “Can somebody explain to Jenna(in the simplest terms ever so she understands) that she got a death threat from a fan account BECAUSE of her husband’s multiple social media post NOT bc of me. I 100% find that disgusting & not acceptable but it literally has nothing to do with me.” She also said that she herself received threats after she betrayed Jenna on The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 but Jenna did nothing about it. She concluded:

The Following Day Jenna Called Out Jemmye for Some of Her Old Tweets

On April 18, Jenna replied to Jemmye and called out her Final Reckoning partner over her own problematic past tweets and said, “Because you like to bring up the past so much about other people, maybe you should practice what you preach .. I’m officially done entertaining this.”

Jemmye replied to Jenna and acknowledged that her 10-year-old tweets were “ignorant” and said she is “embarrassed” but then added: “Your husband tweets are from 2021 not the past. The fact you would rather dig up my 10 year old tweets instead of address a 3 week old posts from your husband proves my point that you are the same type of human he is.”

Jenna also added, “You got people kicked off for the same sorts of tweets that they had years ago. You got ‘death threats’ from YOUR OWN ACTIONS on dirty 30. And you CHOOSE to stay in our business constantly by tweeting about it. You’re reason for hating ME is lame.”

Jenna accused Jemmye of having other close friends who are politically conservative but only choosing to attack Jenna and Zach in order to get “followers, replies or casted” on MTV shows, to which Jemmye replied, “I know you wont understand this but my issue with your husband isn’t a political party conflict, re: free markets vs regulation, his speech is hate & bigotry. They’re not the same. Also casted is not a word. Thank god you’re pretty bc you really are a stupid girl.”

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