Jemmye Carroll Slams Jenna Compono: ‘I Said What I Said’

Jemmye Carroll Slams Jenna Compono: ‘I Said What I Said’
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Th Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 cast members on stage on July 17, 2017 in New York City.

An on-and-off rivalry was rekindled this week when The Challenge star Jemmye Carroll slammed her Final Reckoning partner Jenna Compono and accused her of being the reason they were eliminated from the show. Jenna and Jemmye, rivals since Jemmye double-crossed Jenna on XXX: Dirty 30, were paired up on Final Reckoning but lost the very first challenge and got sent to the Redemption House.

In the opening challenge, Jemmye was buried while Jenna had to find the right location and dig up her teammate but the three-time finalist was unable to find Jemmye in time and the two were eliminated. Then, they spent a few episodes in the Redemption House and eventually went home without being chosen to compete for a spot in the main house.

In a video promo for The Challenge: All Stars outlining each competitor’s last appearance on the show, Jemmye said, “Final Reckoning, I actually went home in the first purge, not because of me but because of my partner Jenna, I would just like to make that clear.” She also said Final Reckoning was her “least favorite season.” Here is the video:

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Jenna Quickly Responded to the Post & Said Jemmye Changed Her Story to Blame Her

Jenna was quick to reply to the video and said that Jemmye’s story had changed a lot in time as Jemmye had previously told her there were a lot of factors in their loss at the purge. “I mean if you don’t think they strategized who was in the box and who was running down then you’re crazy,” Jenna wrote. She continued:

Also funny how Jemmye said her coffin was broken and people [were] screwing it before it started because it was broken and then had 2 guys try and get her out.. but I guess that goes out the window when she randomly hates me now.

Jenna then replied to a fan’s comment and wrote that she wasn’t making excuses for the loss and that she “lost fair and square.” She said she was simply confused by Jemmye’s response to their loss changing over time, with the Real World: New Orleans alum apparently telling Jenna at the time that there were a lot of things that went wrong and it was Jenna’s first challenge back after foot surgery. “Now nope it’s just jennas fault. I mean whatever I’m over it,” she concluded.

Jemmye also responded to the video and wrote, “I’m about to have the Jenna fans BIG mad but NO LIES were told.” In response to a fan writing that the team would have lost the season in any case, Jemmye said, “nah we would have coasted to that final if we had survived the purge.” Jemmye also tweeted about Jenna’s post and wrote, “Im blocked but I SAID WHAT I SAID” with a middle finger emoji.

Jemmye Was Recently Involved in a Twitter Dispute With Jenna’s Husband Zach Nichols

It’s not the first time these Challenge stars have been involved in social media feuds, as just recently Jemmye dragged Jenna’s husband Zach Nichols and the Challenge champ clapped back. In the dispute that followed, reality TV star Nicole Zanatta became involved and Jenna stepped in to defend her.

The latest round of drama began on March 22 when Jemmye responded to a fan account noting that Zach got married on the same day as his ex, Jemmye’s friend Ashlee Feldman. Jemmye said, “Im so grateful [Zach] was NOT the groom at [Ashlee’s] wedding.. my girl definitely upgraded to the most fire a** man.” Zach then replied, “You had a chance to take the high road, yet you remain in the gutter. Stay sleazy you bottom dwelling trash bag. Btw I’m the one who upgraded.”

The following day, Nicole stepped in to slam Jemmye and the Real World: New Orleans star clapped back at both, accusing Nicole of lying about her job as a firefighter on reality TV. That led to Jenna chiming in to support Nicole, writing, “Don’t let it bother you.. most of us moved on from the past.”

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