Jenna The Pony Death Dead – Jenna The Pony Obituary: Cause of Death

Horace Clarke Death

Just as it was getting dark on a Saturday night in Dublin, Ireland, an observant passerby spotted her — head hung low and showing signs of distress, Jenna the pony was suffering. He contacted rescuers, but since night had set in, they couldn’t even find the poor, tiny thing until Sunday morning. In the daylight hours, it became immediately clear why poor Jenna was so distressed.

The pony was covered head to toe in bruises, cuts, and lumps. It was obvious that, even though her external condition was heartbreaking, her internal injuries were far worse. Her face was swollen, and her body language exhibited nothing but confusion and pain. After receiving care and affection, along with medical treatment and pain killers, Jenna died peacefully in a pile of hay that rescuers had gathered to make her comfortable. Witnesses would later confirm what the rescuers feared — Jenna had been beaten to death.

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