Jennifer Aydin Claims That Margaret Josephs Trashed Joe Gorga on RHONJ

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Jennifer Aydin and Joe Gorga

During the first part of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” season 11 reunion, star Jennifer Aydin made a bombshell claim about her co-star, Margaret Josephs, claiming that she talked negatively about Joe Gorga’s finances behind his back.

Earlier this season, Teresa Giudice’s realtor, Michelle Pais, revealed to Aydin that Gorga never paid her husband for a work event that they did together. While rehashing the claims that Michelle Pais made against Gorga this season, Aydin claimed that Josephs added more to fuel to the fire by saying that she had also heard the rumors about Gorga before.

“When we were in Lake George, Margaret and I were on the couch, the cameras were not rolling,” Aydin explained. “She said that Michelle came on the show purposefully to try to ambush you. And I said, ‘Well, you know, to be honest, I’ve kind of heard that before about Joe Gorga.’ She looked at me, your friend, she said, ‘are you f******* kidding me? My husband’s a plumber, you think we don’t know he doesn’t pay people?”

After Aydin dropped that bomb, Josephs fired back at the star, claiming that it was all a lie. “You are a liar!” Josephs yelled at Aydin. “Melissa, do you think I would ever say that?”

Viewers can catch part two of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion on Wednesday, May 26, at 9/8c.

Aydin Also Claimed That Josephs Was Behind the Cheating Rumor This Season

During the last few moments of the reunion, Aydin made another bombshell claim: that Josephs was actually the one who started the rumor about Jackie Goldschneider’s husband cheating on her. “I’m trying to tell you,” Aydin said while looking at host Andy Cohen and Josephs, “that she is the cause of the rumor.”

Of course, after Aydin said this, Josephs shut down her claims, telling her, “Oh, now you’re going to go down, Jennifer!” However, it seems like Aydin is not backing down from her theory about the cheating rumors, and it will explode during the second half of the reunion special.

Earlier this season, Teresa Giudice came under fire after she spread a rumor that Goldschneider’s husband was cheating on her. The two got into a blowup fight, where Goldschneider then made an analogy about Giudice’s daughter, Gia, claiming that the rumor was similar to her saying that Gia does cocaine. Goldschneider was trying to make the point that both rumors were baseless.

Josephs Said That She Can ‘Coexist’ With Aydin

Despite all of their drama at the reunion, Josephs revealed during a recent appearance on the Behind The Velvet Rope podcast with David Yontef that she can “coexist” with Aydin right now. “I would say, you know, I think we’ve come to a place that we could coexist,” Josephs said during her podcast appearance.

Josephs continued about her feud with Aydin, “I think the difference with us is I don’t have to prove my feelings or validate my behavior every week on social media. I just live my life the way it is. I don’t have to rally the troops to, to say that I’m correct or anything remotely like that. I’m very strong in my feelings and the way I feel. And for some reason we operate very differently.”

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