Jennifer Lopez’s New Boyfriend, Ben Affleck; Together in Montana

Over a week, Jennifer Lopez’s new boyfriend, Bon Affleck, and she were spotted in Montana. It is said that they jetted off to Montana for a week-long couple’s trip after reuniting in L.A.

According to other sources, while Affleck was seen behind the wheel with Jennifer in the passenger seat they were pictured riding in a car together. It was near a resort in Big Sky, apparently where Affleck’s house was located.

It is said that Ben Affleck, the actor of Batman, was spotted at Lopez’s home in the city, and after that, they went on a trip together and it is told that they were alone and it was just the two of them

Before this happens, in late April, he said that he wanted to work things out with her. It was the time that another source told that they were just friends.

Jennifer Lopez’s New Boyfriend, Ben Affleck; Together in Montana
Image Source: Toronto Sun

Are They Back Together?

Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend and she used to be engaged back in 2002. They split in 2004 and now these two American sweethearts are going from friendly exes to something more.

According to some of the sources close to Jennifer Lopez’s new boyfriend, Affleck, reached out to her to see how she was doing and they had dinner together a few times within this last month.

 It’s said that it is natural between them and the chemistry is unreal. They picked up where they last left off and are enjoying each other’s company right now.

Interesting to know, Last month, Affleck commented on Lopez’s glow in an interview with InStyle: “Why do you look the same as you did in 2003 and it kind of looks like I’m in my 40s … at best?”

Later on, Lopez said in an interview: “I don’t have any [beauty] secrets except JLo Beauty — Ben is funny! He still looks pretty good too.”

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Why Did Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Broke Up?

Jennifer Lopez, the beloved American singer, and Ben Affleck made headlines as “Bennifer” since they announced their engagement. They have been dating since July 2002, filming the famous movie Gigli.

Few days before their September 2003 vows, before walking down the aisle, out of nowhere they called off their wedding in Santa Barbara.

The couple, deemed “Bennifer” by fans, postponed their wedding in 2003 but months later, they confirmed they had officially split in January 2004.

In 2014 on Today Show, Lopez mentioned her and ben’s breakup as her “First Big Heartbreak”. She continued that despite all of these she has no regrets.

“I just feel like everything is part of your story and your journey and is meant to be and helps you grow if you’re willing to look at it,” she added…” and I’m willing to look.”

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