Jerry Maake Bathong | Jerry Maake Death | Leaving The Queen

Jerry Maake Death – This is a sad news to the fans of Jerry Maake, as he leaves The Queen Mzansi. He was shot dead trying to save Harriet on the queen.

Read his fans reaction, after hearing that Jerry Maake Bathong has passed away.

#TheQueenMzansi this scene bathong, it really got me emotional, Jerry Maake bathong such a good character. I always laugh when he talks to Thato and that Setswana accent

The Queen has an all star cast consisting of acting veterans Connie Ferguson, Shona Ferguson, Themba Ndaba and Zandile Msutwana and well known stars including Dineo Langa, Loyiso MacDonald, Sthembiso Khoza and Zenande Mfenyana

Bathong that was the best action ever I loved it modzimo. The queen never seize to amaze me. But we lost the best actor too,Jerry Maake. Hope he will come back again. The queen please don’t leave,o bozza tlheng.

@THEQUEEN_MZANSI So guys Jerry maake saved Harriet’s life to continue arresting her every after 3yrs “Harriet Khoza you are under arrest for being the best drug dealer” ijoo anyway Rip Jerry maake you Will be missed

Jerry Maake bathong such a good character a cop with love was shot dead and that marks the end of Jerry on The Queen Mzasi. We always laugh when he talks to Thato and that Setswana accent but finally he is leaving the South African telenovela. yeah such things do happened in the really life and it always hurt when it happened, losing our favourite ones especially the ones love and cherish is always the hardest aspect of ones life.

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