Jisela Delgado Claps Back at Haters: ‘Incredibly Insecure’

Jisela Delgado Claps Back at Haters: ‘Incredibly Insecure’


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Social media isn’t always a positive space but Challenge star Jisela Delgado hasn’t been shying away from calling out haters and trolls on Twitter, especially recently as one account posted comments body-shaming the All Stars cast member. In a comment on one of her tweets, a fan account wrote that Jisela should be going on a diet and getting a personal trainer.

Jisela didn’t waste any time calling out the person, writing, “Imagine being so incredibly insecure that u spend your whole life in the gym and yet you still can’t show your face in pictures! My only hope for you is that you get help with what ever broke you so badly that you think you’ve shaken something in me. You have not!”

Jisela then called out several high-profile accounts who followed the fan account on Twitter and asked them if they support that person’s views on body shaming, then wrote, “He blocked me, I win. To my followers that struggle with body image I know it’s hard to read those mean things, don’t hold on to the words they don’t live here with us. Health starts in the mind first and then cascades to the body.”

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Jisela’s Costars Also Stepped In to Slam the Responsible Twitter Account

Jisela’s Challenge costars were quick to step in and support the Road Rules: The Quest alum after she was body-shamed on Twitter. Jemmye Carroll wrote that Jisela “bagged the finest man in the house so my girl is doing just fine without your unsolicited small d*** energy advice.”

Kendal Sheppard wrote, “Who’s body shaming??” along with a GIF showing she wanted to fight the person. She then added that she reported the account in question. Mark Long wrote, “Tell him to come @ me @JiselaDelgado… maybe him and I could set up a ‘discussion’ about his insecurities and how to be a decent man. #DontAtMyGirls.”

The troll Twitter account replied to Mark Long and wrote in part, “In Steps in a 55yo white male soccer dad from the burbs.” Mark simply wrote, “Be a better man, that’s it.”

Jisela Got Into a Social Media Argument With Former NFL Player Frank Garcia After Accusing Him of Owning the Troll Twitter Account

Someone on Twitter accused former NFL player Frank Garcia of being the person behind the responsible Twitter account and Challenge star Arissa Hill wrote, “What did I tell you? I f****** KNOW. found it interesting that a few verified accounts were following a faceless douche factory that likes to harass women on the internet, then my spidey senses started tingling.”

Jisela then directly accused Garcia, writing, “The [account] that directly attacked me turns out to be @frankgarcia65 an ex football player that was released from the league due to drug use. I now understand why my weight makes you so angry. [Your] body wasn’t enough to keep up with your peers and you can’t stand that I am can!”

Garcia denied being the person behind the burner account on several occasions, writing to Jisela, “Your little girl gang mob doesn’t bother me. No burner account that’s honestly the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. No reason to hide if I think you’re a dumb a** I’ll tell you on my account.”

Jisela wrote, “Before I knew it was your burner [account] I tagged you because you and several other verified accounts follow them. YOU are the only one that came to the burner [account]’s defense. Others unfollowed or publicly denounced them. You spent the last 24hrs going hard the burner [account].” Garcia replied, again denying owning the Twitter account, calling Jisela a “fool” and said, “You and your little posse of social media bullies don’t threaten me.”

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