Joe Gorga Called a ‘Chauvinist’ & Melissa Defends Him

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Joe Gorga.

Joe Gorga’s marriage to Melissa has been a major storyline on the current season of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Joe has been expressing his uneasiness with Melissa having a career and a life outside of the home. He has openly struggled with not feeling loved and appreciated by his wife, who has been finding ways to start an empire of her own now that her kids are all in school.

Another storyline has been Dolores Catania’s relationship with David Principe. The two have been together for a few years, but are not engaged, which has been a discussion amongst the “Housewives” for a couple of seasons now.

On the May 5 episode of the show, the two storylines sort of collided, with one thing linking them: Joe Gorga.

In a past episode, Joe brought up the fact that Dolores doesn’t seem happy with her boyfriend, and he called her out for what he basically thinks is her pretending that everything is wonderful. Joe went on to call out Dolores’ ex-husband Frank Catania, saying that he “ruined” Dolores and calling her a “broken woman.”

The heated discussion — which happened at a house party — saw just about everyone getting involved, and Margaret Josephs couldn’t hold back; she called Joe a “chauvinist.” Things have only escalated since, and fans can’t wait to see what transpires on the finale.

Here’s what you need to know:

Melissa Defends Her Husband on the May 12 Finale

Melissa and Joe’s marriage has been put through the ringer this season, whether the drama between them is 100 percent authentic or exaggerated for the cameras. It’s no surprise that Melissa didn’t like hearing Marge call Joe names, regardless of how he was acting toward Dolores — or toward her.

In the final episode of the season, things appear to come to a head, according to People magazine.

“Honestly, whatever battle I’m going through, I’m handling. I’m a wife, I’m a mother of three, I’ve raised a full family and it’s hard for me to just flip a switch and go you know what, I’m going to be different,” Melissa said. “Guys, you’ve all known Joe for a really long time. I have been f*cking battling this for years if you guys can’t feel what I’m going through,” she tells Dolores and Margaret.

“I don’t need anyone calling my husband a male chauvinistic f*cking pig. He is, he acts like it sometimes but I don’t want to hear you f*cking two say it. I’m dealing with a lot, give me a little f*cking slack cause whatever you think I’m dealing with, It’s probably more,” Melissa tells the other two “Housewives.”

In a confessional, Melissa explained her position.

“No matter how annoyed I am with Joe, I will lose my mind if someone pisses me off and comes for Joe. Even though I want to kill him right now, I’ll still lose my mind,” she said.

Joe Has Been Slammed Online all Season (& Beyond)

In the past, fans have been used to seeing Joe as the family man, always defending his parents and trying to do his best to set things straight within his family. This season, however, showed a completely different side to Joe — and fans have noticed.

A Reddit thread from about a month ago accuses Joe of exuding “toxic masculinity.” Several Reddit users commented on the negative aspects of Joe, which have been apparent throughout the past several seasons of “RHONJ,” but perhaps brought to the forefront this season.

“He is the epitome of toxic masculinity. The poster boy. I don’t know if some of it or most of it is bravado, but I feel like he has grown up with the pressures to “be a man” and to act the way men act…which is ultimately to disrespect and put down women. He proves just how much men need women’s rights too,” wrote one Reddit user.

“It’s always bothered me how he says his daughter can’t date till she’s 35 but his sons are even younger and makes lewd comments about them getting girls. He says she can’t date cause he knows what boys are like but then won’t raise his boys to be any different,” added another.

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