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John Mongrel, aka The General, is often described as the most feared prisoner in South Africa.

John Mongrel is the brutal general and leader of the 28’s in Pollsmoor prison. Mongrel entered Pollsmoor at the age of 14 and immediately took a liking for gang life. He wanted to become a 28 and therefore killed one of his cell mates by stabbing him through the heart. This was done before Mongrel’s 15th birthday.

Unlike other prisons Mongrel has ensured that the 28’s are top of the chain in Pollsmoor Prison and demands that the other numbers listen to every word he says. Should a 27 member step out of line Mongrel will carry out the duty of killing these members himself, a ritual that is far from the teachings passed down.

Numbers vary but it is believed that Mongrel has been responsible for over 1000 deaths inside Pollsmoor either directly or indirectly in his 30 years in the prison.

Mongrel gained international notoriety when he was featured on the TV series Ross Kemp on Gangs. Kemp said Mongrel was the scariest man he had ever met.

He went on to say “The memory of his breath will stay with me for a long time — it smelled like road kill left out in the sun.

Since he’d been inside, he’d cut out a warder’s eye and he rapes a different inmate every three weeks. He described how he kills with a toothbrush melted to a point.

He was heavily tattooed but, instead of needles, he’d use a razor blade”

John Mongrel died in 2014.