Johnny Bananas Keeps Rivalry With Wes Bergmann Alive

Johnny Bananas Keeps Rivalry With Wes Bergmann Alive


Host of “Celebrity Sleepover” and longtime veteran of “The Challenge,” Johnny Bananas.

The Challenge‘s longest and most well-known rivalry, between Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Wes Bergmann, was put to bed on the 35th season of the show, Total Madness, as the two decided to finally work together, but it hasn’t stopped them from firing occasional jabs at each other since then.

The most recent instance of this came earlier this week on April 16, when Bananas posted a tweet poking fun at Wes, writing, “Even if you’re fully vaccinated the CDC recommends against hanging out with @WestonBergmann #GingerVitus.” Wes was quick to reply, “I hate you.”

Then, on April 19, Bananas shared a clip of his show Celebrity Sleepover in which he also fired a shot at Wes. In the clip, shared by Johnny’s other show 1st Look, Bananas said as he was making a drink, “Now for our last ingredient we’re gonna go ginger ale. Everybody loves a ginger, unless his name is Weston Bergmann, then even his own parents don’t like him.” Here’s the clip:

The apparent playful rivalry between the two Challenge legends will have to continue on social media only for the time being as it appears at this time as though neither of them will be on the 37th season of the show.

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Wes Confirmed That He Will Not Be Appearing on the Next Season of ‘The Challenge’ & Will Be Focusing on Another Project

Halfway through the Double Agents season, Wes confirmed that he wouldn’t be appearing on the next season of MTV’s long-running show, the 37th season, due to other commitments. On February 26, he said he would be working on another show with his company BetaBlox which he’s “incredibly passionate about.” He said, “I’ve been scared for months to release this news: I’m unable to return next season… I’m sorry to those I’m disappointing because of this decision. I’ll make it up to you.”

Wes has not said if he plans on returning to the show at any point in the future but has not made a retirement announcement at this time. The two-time champ shared a news article about the reality TV show he’d be working on with BetaBlox, a full-season show about a series of entrepreneurs and startup companies in an incubator developing their businesses, with the first season set to film in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this summer.

After Wes’ early exit on Double Agents, the Real World: Austin star said he believed that he had too large of a target on his back and he would benefit from taking some time off from the show.

Bananas Has Not Made a Clear Announcement About the 37th Season But Recently Said He’d Be Taking a Step Back From the Show

Bananas, on the other hand, has not yet made an announcement about season 37 but it’s very unlikely that he will be on the show as he’s working on other projects at the moment, such as 1st Look and Celebrity Sleepover. He recently told Heavy in an interview that his priorities now lie in developing himself outside of The Challenge.

For now, I’m just really focused on the projects I’m working on, Celebrity Sleepover, really spreading my wings, expanding my repertoire and showing people that I’m not in fact just a banana, I’m also an onion and there’s other layers to me. I’m really enjoying right now just kind of seeing what else is out there and what else I’m able to do.

He said it may be time for him to “maybe take a step back.” He said he feels like he accomplished everything on the show, as he holds the record for most Challenge wins and most money won on The Challenge, surpassing Ashley Mitchell’s massive payout after her Final Reckoning win.

Bananas told Heavy, “For now, I think it’s time for me to maybe take a step back, explore my other avenues and spread the love a little bit, let somebody else win, you know?”

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