Johnny Bananas Said He Made Mistakes & Learned From Them


Johnny Bananas of “The Challenge.”

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio has been keeping busy in his time off from The Challenge and his most recent project was as host of NBC’s Celebrity Sleepover, a four-episode series that aired in April and saw the reality TV star interview a series of guests.

In the fourth episode of the show, Bananas was joined by actress and comedian Margaret Cho, who has been outspoken about societal and political issues in her stand-up comedy. The two spent some time discussing how comedy can be a safe place for social commentary and spoke about the recent rise in “cancel culture.”

While speaking with Cho, Bananas brought up his own experience growing up on television and watching himself learn from past seasons of the show.

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Bananas Spoke About Cancel Culture & How He Was Able to Learn & Grow From His Mistakes

Full Show: Johnny Bananas’ Psychic Reading with Margaret Cho & Pie Face with MTV Challenge All StarsThis week on Celebrity Sleepover, Johnny Bananas is joined by the fabulous comedian Margret Cho to receive their eye-opening tarot card readings. MTV’s The Challenge: All Stars’ Trishelle Cannatella, Syrus Yarbrough, and Mark Long stop by to play a treacherous game of Pie Face and host T. J. Lavin drops in for a sweet surprise.…2021-04-26T12:44:52Z

In their conversation, Johnny said, “It seems like comedy used to always be a safe space. You could make fun of anything, anyone, at any time and it was okay.” Cho agreed, “Yes, it’s hard because part of being a comedian is to be offensive and with cancel culture being in such full effect, especially now, I think what it does is that it limits what we’re able to do but at the same time it just makes you be a better comedian.”

Cho explained, “You just have to be more skillful in the way you phrase things and it’s really about the intention behind the joke which I think is really good for the artform. Maybe not necessarily good for some different individuals who are experiencing that kind of ‘cancelation.’”

Bananas then replied to Cho, “If anything, the way we should look at it is it’s a positive because we have evolved. I’ve been able to watch myself grow up on television, I’ve been able to make my mistakes and learn and grow from them and I think that’s what’s important and that’s what should be taken away from it.”

The two spoke about the impact of social media and what Johnny referred to as a “double-edged sword” as it can become “a whole world of negativity.” Cho revealed that she will block trolls and negative people while Bananas said he will mute people: “I don’t like giving haters the satisfaction of knowing that I saw and reacted to what they said and they got to me.”

Bananas Hosted Several Episodes of ‘Celebrity Sleepover’, His New Show That Was Recently Renewed for a 2nd Season

Johnny Bananas’ show Celebrity Sleepover is his second big hosting gig in addition to NBC’s 1st Look, which is a lifestyle show on its 13th season that sees Bananas travel around the U.S. exploring “amazing eats, thrilling adventures and crazy fun nightlife.” Bananas told Heavy in a recent interview that since 1st Look is a travel-based show, COVID-19 has impacted its production so they were able to use their resources to create Celebrity Sleepover.

The show, which aired on Saturday nights after Saturday Night Live, was recently renewed for a second season and will see Bananas interview more guests via video from the comfort of their own homes.

During the first season, Bananas spoke with several guests and took part in various activities and challenges with them, including cast members from the very first season of The Real World: New York, who recently appeared on The Real World: Homecoming on Paramount Plus, and The Challenge stars such as Mark Long, Trishelle Cannatella and host TJ Lavin.

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