Jordan Wiseley: The Challenge Is ‘Minimum-Security Prison’


A correctional facility in the U.S.

It’s no secret that living in a “Challenge” house can be, well, challenging. From having no phone access except once every week or two for a short amount of time, to living in a close space with dozens of other big personalities, many stars of the show have said the mental and emotional toll of the show is harder to deal with than the physical challenges themselves.

Two major stars, Jordan Wiseley and Leroy Garrett, had a conversation about the show on Instagram Live and spoke about how it was to live in “Challenge” houses. and Jordan went so far as to compare the experience to living in a minimum-security prison. He even pointed out certain ways in which the arrangement on the show can be worse, including when it comes to free time and meals.

While the two were frank about living in “The Challenge” houses, they also both acknowledged how great the show has been for them and the blessings they got from being able to compete season after season.

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Jordan Explained During Their Conversation That Being in a ‘Challenge’ House Is Like Being in a Minimum-Security Prison

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While speaking to Leroy, Jordan said, “People don’t realize, and I swear to god this is not an exaggeration, it’s minimum security prison. That’s what it is,” he repeated as Leroy agreed. “You gotta ask to go to the bathroom,” he explained.

He continued, “Yeah they cater in food but only when they say it’s time to eat. How many times Lee have we gone half a day, we’ve been sitting on a bus all day, 6-7 hours, we’re like ‘yo when are we gonna eat?’ and they’re like ‘oh we promise it’ll be there’ and it’s never there.”

Later on, he added, “I mean, prisoners literally get more phone time than we do. We get ten minutes a week.” He said when factoring in that he needs to call his mom every week, that leaves only five minutes left on the phone to catch up on business.

In the Same Instagram Live, Leroy Told Jordan He Shouldn’t Return to the Show

In the same conversation, Leroy told Jordan that he shouldn’t return to “The Challenge.” Leroy, who recently retired from the franchise after his appearance on “Double Agents,” said Jordan is actually a really good friend of his and they video chat every day. He explained, “Jordan is one of the greatest people to have ever blessed The Challenge. I told Jordan to never go back cause his life is so much sweeter without doing the show.”

He continued, “Jordan, every morning I wake up in my shop, in my studio, and watch you on your bike training and your mind is clear, and as soon as you go back and do the show it f****** just takes you all out of it.”

Jordan agreed with Leroy but said it’s difficult for him to watch the show and see the people who are cast competing when he feels that he could beat them all. “I don’t want to go back but whenever I see it I’m like they just gave away half a million dollars to these old folks? I’d beat them.”

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