Jorge Masvidal Turns On Jake Paul: ‘Break His Jaw’

Jorge Masvidal Turns On Jake Paul: ‘Break His Jaw’


Jorge Masvidal & Jake Paul

Just because they’ve had a few interactions, top UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal doesn’t believe Jake Paul is a “real fighter.”

Paul and Masvidal seemed very chummy with each other during the buildup to “The Problem Child’s” boxing match with Ben Askren last weekend. As most fight fans know, Masvidal and Askren have a history: “Gamebred” knocked out Askren with a flying knee five seconds into the first round of their UFC fight in 2019.

While “The Problem Child” was preparing for his contest with Askren, he shared a video on social media of himself and Masvidal training together in Miami. Watch below:

And during the Triller Fight Club press conference in March, Masvidal video-called Paul while he was on stage with Askren, asking if “Funky” was “still alive.” Watch below:

But just because Paul and Masvidal seemingly have a good relationship, “Gamebred” would box the YouTuber for a “ton of money.” While speaking with Stephen Crowder in a recent interview, said that although Paul has been doing “pretty good” thus far in his boxing career, he’s not a “real fighter.”

“I believe he’s a decent athlete, Masvidal said. “He has some coordination and being his background that he grew up in the Disney Channel, now he’s doing what he’s doing, I think he’s doing pretty good. But when you say ‘real fighter’ and especially to me, I’m thinking of real fighters. I’m thinking of guys that made a living solely off this and those guys are mean. Those guys only know this, you got to keep him (Paul) away from that and keep building him and keep building.”

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Masvidal Said If Paul Boxed the Likes of Dustin Poirier, He’d Get His Jaw Broken

Masvidal then said he doesn’t believe Paul would box the top-level competitors that he’s called out, including No. 1-ranked UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier. Because if he did, Masvidal said Poirier would “break his jaw.”

“He can get upset or not upset but it’s the honest truth,” he continued. “I see him calling out Canelo and stuff, that’s all for clout. He won’t get in there with Canelo or guys like that. Or some of those MMA guys that he’s calling out that are actually mean that don’t give a f***. These guys don’t care about networking and being on TV, none of that. Him saying that he could go with Dustin Poirier, Dustin Poirier will break his jaw, will torture him. These are guys just like me, we made a living off this. We didn’t make a living off going to parties and networking with people. We don’t give a fuck about that either.

“We don’t give a f*** about that either. We love to fight, that’s what we do.”

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Masvidal Would Only Box Paul If He Gets ‘Tons of Money’

Masvidal is one of the best welterweights in the world and he wants to continue fighting high-level competition. So a boxing match with “The Problem Child” doesn’t appeal to Masvidal, unless it’s for a boatload of cash.

“I’m gonna play chess with somebody that you know, were evenly matched or better than me to make it a challenge,” Masvidal told Crowder. “I want to have to use my brain. It’s the same thing in fighting. Unless I’m going to get tons of money for it, I don’t care to fight somebody that doesn’t make a living off of this.”

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