Josh Kroenke makes Arsenal ‘trust’ pledge after ESL backlash


With the big six suffering a severe backlash from the footballing world in light of their involvement in the formation of the failed European Super League, the owners involved face an uphill battle to build up trust with the supporters.

Josh Kroenke, son of Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke, has promised to attempt to bridge the now considerable chasm of trust gaping between the Gunners’ fans and the ownership with his latest statement.

“I believe we are fit to carry on in our position as custodians of Arsenal,” the 40-year-old said, as quoted by FourFourTwo.

We were put in a very difficult position by forces outside of the club. We have the same plans for summer that we had several weeks ago and I’m still excited about those. 

“So I might be met with mistrust, I might be met with skepticism, but over time I hope to establish some sort of relationship with our supporter groups and show them that we are capable of taking our club forward.

“From a trust perspective, all of our trust was shredded this week. I understand that, which is why I am here today to try and rebuild some sort of relationship with the supporters. 

“You have my word. You are going to be seeing more of me. I know the trust has been shredded, but you are going to be seeing me try and rebuild that both now and in the future.”

Following the American’s latest statement it would appear that the club’s ownership won’t be switching as hands, despite what the fanbase may have hoped for.

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With Kroenke Sports & Entertainment a highly unpopular group in London even before the attempted transition to a breakaway league, however, the latest efforts from the Kroenke family will have hardly endeared them anymore to the Emirates Stadium faithful.

Should the Premier League choose to respond with sanctions to the big six’s attempt at changing the balance of power in the sport, it could very well prove impossible for the owners to regain faith, virtually non-existent as it was to begin with.