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June Ellen Child was born August 23rd 1943 in London and lived in Fulham with her sister Fiona and their parents. She attended Holland Park Comprehensive.

She worked for Veroniques, a firm of fabric importers before leaving to work for a photographer, whose studio was in the same building in Hanover Street. It was at this time she started helping out with unknown bands, such as The Yardbirds. Child started working for the Pink Floyd management Blackhill Enterprises, and by 1967 she was dating Syd Barrett. In April 1968 Barrett left the band, and so did the producers Andrew King and Peter Jenner.

This meant the end as well of The Black Hill Enterprises, but in those days, June have met another rock child: Marc Bolan. June was four years older, smarter and more worldly wise. Bolan was obsessed with Lord of the Rings, but he was dyslexic and had never read it. Lying in bed together, June read the three volumes out loud to Bolan. Together they discovered worlds of myth and legends. June became his lover, chauffeur, minder, mentor, and eventually, his wife on January 30th 1970.

Since then, June played an essential role in Marc’s life and career, she became not only Marc’s wife and inspiration to many songs but his closest ally, organizing gigs, coordinating media relations, typing lyrics for him, but most important, always supporting him in all of his endeavors. June always offer Marc an honest critic to his songs and lyrics. June was Marc’s wife and manager, also his driver to some shows. Glam Rock got started when Marc plundered his wife’s beauty case and used some of her glitter. With putting it under his eyes he started a musical revolution. June always thought that America wasn’t good for Marc and had a very negative effect on him. She felt heartbroken too when she saw how much Marc was hurt by his failure not to succeed in America. But by 1973 she started to feel neglected. And sometimes worse. This same year, June had declined to go to Munich. The recording studio was becoming Marc’s home, the American stage his holiday destination. Unstable and insecure, Marc Bolan inevitably began to view June through different eyes. Her occasional absences from his side were an indication that they were growing apart. The marriage with Marc split in October 1973 after spending some weeks in holidays and having a good time together with their friends Ringo Starr, his wife Maureen Starkey and some other musicians they had been in touch. A sudden split after all but none of them had the courage to complete the divorce procedure – they never obtained the decree absolute.

June started a long-live relationship with Paul Varley, Davie Allan and The Arrows drummer in 1976. In 11th July 1978 they were parents of daughter, Ilona. In later years, Graham Porter became a loyal part of her life. June’s tragic death was on 1 September 1994 of a heart attack while on holiday in Turkey

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