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Justin Max Brewer Death | Justin Max Brewer -November 3, 1989-July 31, 2020. Corporal Justin Brewer was killed tragically early Friday morning in a single vehicle rollover car accident.

A decorated War Hero who served two combat tours in Afghanistan. Justin was an Infantry Machine Gunner in the United States Marine Corps and he was PROUD! The man always loved anything that would send adrenaline pumping through his veins, anything that would get his heart pumping…he was there front and center with no fear whatsoever.

Justin was always there to joke around and do silly dances and talk in silly voices, at the most inappropriate times, just to see a big smile on your face! He was charmingly hilarious & handsome but also scared the absolute sh** out of some people! Justin’s love was ferocious, if he knew you & cared for you or your family members, he would have quite literally thrown his life on the line for you. Out of all the things just listed about him… his greatest trait was being a loving father. He loved Kinsey and Aria with every ounce of his being. His greatest and most happiest emotion was when he was with his girls and we pray their pain will be eased right now even knowing that they will grow up without their daddy. The funds raised will be used for a respectful and honorable memorial.

Any remainder will be used towards helping this little girls. Thank you for your help during this tra Please continue praying for all of the Brewer Family, his two sweet daughters, his childhood friends, & all of his Marine brothers, as we all try and accept this sudden and tragic loss. Treat every day like it’s your last.