Kaitlyn Bristowe Updates Fans on Possible Engagement

Kaitlyn Bristowe Updates Fans on Possible Engagement

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Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick have been dating since early 2019. The two went public with their relationship shortly after Kaitlyn split with her “Bachelorette” season pick, Shawn Booth, and things between them have been great ever since.

Since their very first date, Bachelor Nation has been downright in love with Kaitlyn and Jason, who live together in Nashville, Tennessee, and have two adopted Golden Retrievers. Many fans have been curious when these two will take their relationship to the next level.

In a new interview with Hollywood Life, Kaitlyn opened up about a possible engagement, and revealed some details about what might come next for her and Jason. Hollywood Life’s Lanae Brody asked Kaitlyn if she was hoping to start a family soon, to which Kaitlyn replied, “oh gosh, yes!” Kaitlyn responded. Lanae then asked, “what are we waiting for?” to which Kaitlyn replied, “well, Jason is very traditional. I’m not,” she said.

Kaitlyn went on to say that “people know that the next step for [her and Jason] is getting engaged. And, Jason very much wants to get engaged, get married, and then start a family, and I’m like, ‘good thing my eggs are frozen’ because girlfriend is 36 next month.

Lanae then asked Kaitlyn if she thinks the engagement is coming.

“I don’t know, and I hope I don’t know because I want it to be a complete surprise. But, again, with Jason being traditional, I know he was like, ‘I want to talk to your dad,’ and my dad’s in Canada,” Kaitlyn explained. She went on to say that Jason felt that he needed to get creative when it came to asking her parents permission since the two cannot travel to Canada due to the coronavirus pandemic travel restrictions.

“I don’t want to know when it’s happening,” Kaitlyn said, adding “I’m definitely not the kind of person to put pressure on it because I would never want somebody to propose to me out of pressure… we are just in such a good place in our relationship that it could be any day. I’m not sure.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Kaitlyn Revealed That She & Jason Have Already Picked out an Engagement Ring

In June 2020, Kaitlyn chatted with Us Weekly about taking the next step in her relationship with Jason. “[It’s] the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in and [an engagement] just feels like the natural next step, [but] I told him I don’t want to [have a] quarantine engagement. [I want] a little more romance than just at the house,” she told the outlet.

About a week later, Kaitlyn did a Q&A on Instagram in which she revealed that she and Jason have already looked at engagement rings — and she’s already picked out the one she wants!

“Have you picked out a ring yet with Jason?” a fan asked Kaitlyn. According to the Bachelor Nation website, Kaitlyn nodded in response.

She didn’t reveal any specific details, but it’s no secret that she and Jason have been talking about getting engaged for quite some time. It seems that the pandemic may have put a bit of a kink in their plans, but a proposal probably isn’t that far off.

Jason Considered Proposing on Television in 2020

Also in June 2020, Jason revealed that he was asked if he wanted to propose to Kaitlyn on television — something that he said he thought about. The opportunity arose when ABC planned a TV special called  “The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!”

“They actually came to me asking me if I’d like to take this opportunity to propose,” Jason told Entertainment Tonight. Tartick told the outlet that he didn’t feel “any pressure” to propose, but that producers did want to “make it special.” Although he considered it — albeit briefly — Jason ultimately decided against the idea. “I shot it down after about a day of thinking,” he shared.

And that decision? Was definitely the right one. “I told Kaitlyn after… she’s like, ‘Thank God [you didn’t agree],’” Tartick said. Kaitlyn echoed, “I wouldn’t want that to be done either. Sorry. No way.”

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