Kam Williams Says Kaycee Clark Threw Last Mission Before Final

Kam Williams Says Kaycee Clark Threw Last Mission Before Final


Kaycee Clark

Last week’s episode of The Challenge: Double Agents saw the four remaining female competitors battle it out in the last mission of the season before the final. The challenge was a mix of endurance and brainpower as Nany Gonzalez, Kaycee Clark, Kam Williams and Amber Borzotra raced to be the first to rescue their partner in a volcano.

The episode saw Kam come in first along with her partner Cory Wharton, making them the Double Agents and safe from the crater. For the majority of the run, fans saw Nany stay ahead of Kaycee, despite the Big Brother star being frequently considered one of the strongest competitors.

After the daily challenge, contestants went to the crater where Fessy Shafaat threw himself into the Hall Brawl elimination, defeating Kyle Christie and choosing Kaycee as his next partner. That meant that Kaycee’s former partner for most of the season, Leroy Garrett, was left to choose his Real World castmate, Nany. After the episode aired, Kam and Leroy said they think Kaycee threw the mission on purpose so that Fessy could steal her as a partner, though they don’t know for sure.

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Kam Said She Thinks Kaycee Lost the Daily Challenge on Purpose

In an appearance on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, Kam said she thinks Kaycee threw the daily challenge so that she could get stolen by Fessy and that was likely their plan all along. Host Aneesa Ferreira asked Leroy how he felt after having competed most of the season with Kaycee and winning multiple daily challenges together and to then see her tell Fessy to go down to elimination and pick her as a new partner.

Leroy asked, “Did she lose the challenge on purpose is the question?” Aneesa and her cohost Tori Hall both said they didn’t think so because “Kam killed it.” Aneesa then said, “Kaycee can run too so I don’t know.”

Kam replied, “She’s always been bad at math but I feel like in the running part she would have been able to catch up to [Nany] and I do remember CT before the challenge kept saying and putting it in all the girls’ heads, ‘it’s not a bad thing if you don’t win this one, I’m still up for grabs.’” Tori then said it makes total sense for Kaycee to throw the daily challenge. Kam agreed and said, “Yeah, so Fessy could pick her. They wanted to run it together.”

She said, “she didn’t really care about winning that one,” and didn’t fully sprint with the other girls in the daily challenge. Kam said she was surprised by it because she thinks Kaycee didn’t realize how important chemistry is with a partner and that she had that with Leroy.

She Said She Has No Hard Feelings Toward Kaycee and Respects Her Gameplay


Leroy, however, said he was very mad about it in the moment: “That’s why I was so mad toward the end because when it all was coming full circle I thought that like Cory and everybody was on it. You know, cause I had been winning everybody was pissed so I’m thinking like… damn I’ve been your partner all season.”

He said he didn’t know Kaycee and Fessy were that close so he felt really upset by the situation: “my own partner doesn’t wanna be with me. On the run, I caught up to Nany and Kyle and I was running with the suitcase. If I was running without that suitcase in my hands I would have caught up to everybody and I know Kaycee can run just as fast.”

However, he said he has never spoken to Kaycee about the situation because he understands that the show is “just a game” and he respects her taking decisions to benefit her own game. He said he was very happy to be partnered up with Nany afterward as she’s “family” to him.

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