Kamala Harris’ Suit at State of the Union: PHOTOS

Kamala Harris’ Suit at State of the Union: PHOTOS


Kamala Harris and her husband.

Vice President Kamala Harris took a historic seat behind President Joe Biden alongside Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi at the Joint Address to Congress. Twitter users were quick to point out an elbow bump between Pelosi and Harris, and Harris’ pantsuit.

Harris’ seat is to the right of Biden during his speech, and Pelosi is seated to his right. It was the first time for two women to be seated behind the president, according to CNN.

Here’s what you need to know:

Harris Wore a Symbolic White Pantsuit to Deliver Her Victory Speech

Harris wore white during her victory speech, a nod to the suffragette movement.

The Guardian reported, “White is an official color of the women’s movement (along with green, gold and purple). Suffragettes were encouraged to attend marches wearing white in the early 1900s, and photos from the time show women wearing white dresses.”

Hillary Clinton wore a white pants suit to former President Donald Trump’s inauguration, and wore a white suit earlier when she accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2016. Her supporters also donned pants suits to show their support for Clinton on Election Day 2016. The clothing choice was seen as a nod to the suffragist movement.

AnOther Magazine took note of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez choosing a white pantsuit on the day she was sworn into Congress. The magazine reported that white was seen “as a form of political resistance…dating all the way back to Britain’s Suffragettes at the turn of the 20th century.”

Harris & Pelosi Wore Masks & Elbow-Bumped as They Took Their Seats at the State of the Union Address

Twitter users took note of Harris and Pelosi’s elbow bump as they took their seats behind Biden. Many people also raved on social media about Harris’ suit. Some also debated the color of the vice president’s suit, questioning whether it was cream, white, or pink. One thing most social media users agreed on was that the look was stunning.

“Okay but I really want Kamala’s pant suit,” Bri Carter wrote on Twitter.

“Just to be petty and sexist for a minute, I love the color of Kamala’s suit. Is it winter white or light pink?” Laurie O’Brien wrote on Twitter. “I promise to mention Biden’s tie.”

“yes. but can we take a moment for Kamala’s suit color?” another person wrote on Twitter.