Karl-Heinz Vosgerau Death: German Actor Karl-Heinz Vosgerau is Dead

Karl-Heinz Vosgerau Death – Well-known German Actor Karl-Heinz Vosgerau has passed away. He died on January 4, 2021. Information surrounding his cause of death is still unknown.

We learnt about the death of Karl-Heinz Vosgerau via a post on social media. Karl-Heinz Vosgerau was a movie actor who has featured in many films since 1956. His first filmography was recorded to be ‘The village in the heath’. Vosgerau has been a notable and well-knowned actor.

Vosgerau attended the drama school in Kiel and also took private acting lessons from Bernhard Minetti . In 1948 he made his stage debut as Jupiter in Molières Amphitryon in Lüneburg. This was followed by theater engagements in Kiel, Lübeck, Lüneburg, Braunschweig, Düsseldorf, Wuppertal, at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg , in Berlin and Bochum as well as with various touring theaters.

Vosgerau had his first film appearance in the 1956 film drama Das Dorf in der Heide , directed by Hans Müller-Westernhagen . Since the 1970s , the actor has increasingly appeared in film and television productions. In the three-part television miniseries Wie ein Blitz after Francis Durbridge he played one of the leading roles alongside Ingmar Zeisberg , Albert Lieven and Paul Hubschmid . Directed by Rolf von Sydow . In the six-part television science fiction miniseries Die Wächter (1986) based on the dystopianThe novel of the same name by the English author John Christopher , which tells of a society divided into two classes, Vosgerau played the role of Frank Gifford in three episodes. In the vacation series Hotel Paradies (1990) Vosgerau fell in love with his role as Dr. Andreas Helm on four episodes in Katinka Neumann, played by Irina Wanka , a much younger woman. In the crime series METRO – A Team for Life and Death , in which a newly formed task force is on the move all over the world to curb disease foci, Vosgerau was cast as Professor Sebastian Hansen in two episodes.

Vosgerau played under some of the most influential directors of the time such as Peter Zadek ( Der Pott , Die wild fifties ), Rainer Werner Fassbinder ( Eight Hours Are Not a Day , Welt am Draht ), Volker Schlöndorff ( The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum ) and Jiří Menzel ( The Chocolate Sniff ). He also took on regular guest roles in television series such as Ein Fall für Zwei , Der Alte , Derrick and in three episodes of the series The Dream Ship . In theIn 1987, he played the role of Prof. Breeken in several episodes of the Black Forest Clinic and, at the beginning of the family saga Das Erbe der Guldenburgs, the patriarch Martin Graf von Guldenburg .

Karl-Heinz Vosgerau last lived in Wolfenbüttel in Lower Saxony. Vosgerau died on January 4, 2021.