Kash Doll Trolled Kevin Durant Into Thinking His Fans Jumped Her

Kash Doll Trolled Kevin Durant Into Thinking His Fans Jumped Her

Kash Doll says she pranked Kevin Durant into thinking his fans attacked her after their back-and-forth on Twitter.

Kash Doll’s getting into her TV bag right now. The rapper is readying a massive debut on 50 Cent’s upcoming BMF show along with a slew of other stars. Over the past few months, she’s offered a few updates on set but it appears that during those times when she isn’t shooting, she’s channeling 50 Cent’s online presence on social media.

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It was only a few weeks ago when Kash Doll and Kevin Durant had a brief back-and-forth on Twitter debating who the real KD is. Kash tweeted lyrics from JT’s verse on “Said Sum (Remix).” “All these n***as wanna fuck KD,” she tweeted before Kevin Durant reminded her that she isn’t the only KD in the game. “You did not have to use those initials to get this tweet off… U have to relax with the KD talk, your name is KASHDOLL,” Durant replied.

The ongoing debate took a hilarious turn last night when Kash Doll revealed that she pranked Durant into thinking that his fanbase attacked her. She explained that she was on set for the final day of BMF filming with her make-up on from the show which included a black eye and a bloody nose. 

“Y’all i FaceTimed Kevin Durant last night on set while my (black eye and bloody nose make up was on) and told him his fans did that to me bc of the KD argument,” she tweeted. “y’all should’ve seen his face!!! He was so concerned until i started laughing then he hung up.”

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Unfortunately, documentation of this interaction hasn’t been released to the public but she said there is a screenshot of his reaction on her phone. “He said that’s yo problem you play too much,” she added with a laughing emoji. She later confirmed that 50 Cent was on set while this happened, presumably laughing at the entire interaction. 

Check her tweets out below.