Kate Leckie Car Accident | Get Well Soon Kate Leckie

Kate Leckie Car Accident- Kate Leckie got involved in a ghastly accident which was made known by her father on Facebook, where He said “My daughter Kaitlyn is the strongest toughest young lady I know. She’s a fighter. She’s going to knuckle up and fight threw this. kATE STRONG!” – Jim Leckie III.

Katie, Here at Theartsofentertainment.com, we Know that you are a strong, determined person and we know that this accident will not get you down. We hope you heal quickly and get back to life as quickly as possible.

Teresa Lynn Daughtry wrote on Facebook: “We need prayers. Dodie gave an update on Kate..prayers Dodie and Jimmy..

Katelyn (Kate Leckie) was in car accident last night around 11:30pm. We know very little about what happened. We do know there were 3 of them in the vehicle. Kate and the other girl were ejected from vehicle and the driver had to be cut out of car.

First and foremost we need everyone to pray for these 3 kids and thier families. The 2 other kids were taking to Bronson and Kate was taken to Borgess.

Several people tried to reach me but I was sleeping. Someone came to my house and woke me up and brought me to hospital. Kate arrived around 1pm and Jimmy and me around 1:30am.

They let us both see her which was relief. She had two puncture lungs, broken scapula, and tendons in her thumb were cut. She also had other cuts and scrapes. Kate was not awake when we got there. She would moan in pain but couldn’t talk to us really.

Around 4am, they told us they were sending her for another CAT scan and then to ICU. They said the ICU was 8am to 8pm only so we needed to leave and come back. We left and went home and that was so hard. My whole life was there.

Around 5am, I called hospital hoping she would be back from CAT scan and settled in ICU. The let me know at that point they were going to intubate Kate. Deep breathe.. I said please call me when that is done.

Next call was that since there was no movement on her right side at all, they were concerned. They found out the carotid artery was severed which creates a blockage to blood to left side of brain which is why right side not working. At about 7am they took her for emergency surgery to the carotid. They hoped they could get a stint in and get blood flowing. They were hoping they could do that. They were able to put two stints in. She got done around 10am.

We wait.. no movement still on right side. They ordered MRI and results are back and she has had a stroke from trama.

What that means? We don’t know. We know it’s a long road and we just want our daughter.

Swelling is the major concern now. Next 2 days are very critical.

We need everyone praying please.

Our other kids we know aren’t doing well but all our focus is with Katelyn right now so we know people will help with the others.

I don’t know whatelse to say but my whole world are my kids..

I am hoping they let me stay here tonight. I can sleep in the bathroom. I just want to be here with her.”

Circumstances surrounding this incident is still unknown, we will update you as soon as possible.

At the moment, we are not sure if any GoFundMe me account was created on behalf of Kate Leckie, either to fund her treatment or created on behalf of the family.