Kathleen Johnston Death Dead – Kathleen Johnston Obituary: Cause of Death

Horace Clarke Death

My grandmother Kathleen who lived with my family and I for over 12 years has suddenly passed away on June 7th 2020. My mother brought her into the hospital with a stomach ache on June 1st. On June 2nd, it was her 79th birthday. Due to the hospitals new policy from the COVID-19 pandemic there were no visitors allowed even though she did not have COVID-19. She spent her last birthday alone. After several tests and misdiagnoses her kidneys started to fail on her and she was placed on dialysis. She was then told she had 4th stage terminal cancer and she hadn’t been sick prior to this. On Sunday June 7th my mom was worried she hadn’t heard from her so she woke us up and we followed her to the hospital. When my mom went into the room my grandma was “actively dying”. Mom called my brother and I to come up to the room to say our goodbyes. Since she was actively dying we were allowed to go up but by the time we saw her she wasn’t able to comprehend anything that was happening and was just screaming for help. It was horrific. She ended up dying of renal failure During this pandemic I have been on the frontlines working to provide for my whole family. I had been quarantined in the back bed room to keep my family safe. I am so sad I wasn’t able to spend my last few weeks with her thinking I was keeping her safe from COVID and then all of a sudden this happens. She passed away due to something else. I am so heartbroken. We have been struggling financially. Any donations for her funeral/ memorial would be entirely appreciated. I know everyone is struggling at the moment so if you cannot donate please keep her in your prayers. She was an absolute amazing grandma. I wrote this to explain how much she meant to me so you can get an understanding of how much we loved her. Thank you all. “I can’t believe I am sitting here writing this. I am in a nightmare that I cannot seem to awake. You are my world, my second mom, my best friend, my sunshine. You were the most selfless caring human being and the kindness woman. Always put everyone else before yourself. Did everything you could to be there for my mother and brothers. Stayed by our side always. You taught me everything. You gave me strength and courage. You taught me to never give up and fight. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that. We did everything together. You always waited up for me after my late night shifts to ask me how it was and tell me how proud you were of me. Whenever I doubted myself you instantly lifted me up reminding me how far I have come. Through the hardest times of my life you were always by side. I will forever hold you close in my heart and not a day will go by that I don’t miss you or think of you. Our special memories together will forever put a smile on my face. Thank you for everything. I miss you so much. I love you so so so much. Heaven gained an Angel and I call her Grandma ♥️ “ – Nicole Brooklyn.

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