Katie Thurston Responds to Critics of Her ‘Bachelorette’ Ad


Katie Thurston’s ‘Bachelorette’ key art.

Katie Thurston issued a clap back to critics of her promotional photo and tagline for “The Bachelorette.” The 30-year bank marketing manager, who will lead the 17th season of the ABC dating show, took to her Instagram story to respond to buzz over her promo, which features her wearing a bright purple skirt and holding a red rose as she looks over her shoulder at the camera.

The promo poster is captioned with, “See what all the buzz is about,” which is a reference to Thurston’s risqué greeting to Matt James on his season of “The Bachelor.” Fans of the franchise know that Thurston made waves last season when she introduced herself to James with a gigantic purple vibrator in hand. She has been referred to as “Dildo girl” online.

Katie Thurston Issued a Response to People Who Don’t ‘Love’ Her as ‘Dildo Girl’

Katie Thurston Matt JamesKatie Thurston Matt James

ABCKatie Thurston had a memorable introduction to Matt James on The Bachelor season premiere.

Thurston’s “Bachelorette” promos have been blasted by critics.  The reality star’s first video shoot featured her in a purple, promlike gown as she traipsed through a bed of rose petals. Viewers also critiqued the key art for her season, with some saying it looked heavily Photoshopped.

In response to the “See what all the buzz is about” tagline, some viewers took to Instagram to ask, “What buzz?”

“Must be the buzz from her vibrator,” one viewer wrote in response to the ad. Another added, “Buzz that the Bach franchise is in its last legs. Treading water and drowning.”

But Thurston wasn’t having it. On her Instagram story,  she had no trouble reminding fans that she started out on “The Bachelor” as the girl with the vibrator and has no regrets about her notorious nickname. According to Screenrant, on her story, Thurston shared a video in which she said, If you don’t love me at dildo girl, you don’t deserve me at I do.”

Thurston’s confident attitude was apparent when she went into “The Bachelorette” bubble. Her season of the show even wrapped filming a week early because she knew what she was looking for in a potential husband, according to Us Weekly.

In her first promo, Thurston said, “I am who I am, and I want to meet someone who knows who they are. My person’s still out there.”

Matt James Rejected Katie Thurston On ‘The Bachelor’ But He Thinks She’ll be a Great ‘Bachelorette’

Matt James and Katie ThurstonMatt James and Katie Thurston

ABC/Craig SjodinMatt James hands Katie Thurston a rose on ‘The Bachelor.’

While some viewers were shocked by Thurston’s vibrator vibe, her former suitor Matt James was not.  He even told Refinery29 it was “a great icebreaker.” “It takes a lot of balls to do something like that,” James said of Thurston’s intro. She’s super confident and I respected it. I wasn’t upset about it.”

James also told E! News that he’s excited to watch Thurston’s season of the rose-filled reality show play out. The former football player called his ex “incredible” and predicted that everyone who watches her season will fall in love with her.

“She’s going to do so well, and I’m excited for her to have this space to find her person,” James said. “I think that she’s going to be one of the best to ever do it.”

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