Keith Richards health: Rolling Stones star’s ‘serious condition’ after subdural haematoma – What We Know!

After a head trauma, blood escapes from a blood vessel, which ends up in the formation of a blood clot (haematoma). This then locations strain on the mind and causes harm to it.

As a result of seriousness of the situation, the NHS provides that it carries a “excessive threat of loss of life,” notably in older folks and those that have been by a big fall.

Acute subdural haematomas are essentially the most severe kind as a result of they’re typically related to important harm to the mind.

Though Richards solely suffered from a minor fall, because of his age and historical past of alcohol misuse, the NHS states that this made him extra more likely to undergo from a subdural haematoma. That is considered as a result of most people’ brains shrink to a point as they become old, putting elevated pressure on the mind’s blood vessels.

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