Kelly Brophy Missing Update – Kelly Brophy Found Alive?

Kelly Brophy Missing Update- Lawrence Township occupant, Kelly Brophy, has been found. Her family posted the report via web-based media early afternoon Tuesday.

Brophy is missing and her family is requesting your assistance in finding her.

Brophy, notable and cherished, experienced childhood in Lawrence, moved on from Lawrence High School in 1987, was an educator at Lawrence Intermediate School before a mishap left her on perpetual incapacity, and still lives in the municipality. She has 2 girls ages 22 and 20.

Brophy’s sibling, Thomas Brophy posted throughout the end of the week that his family was exceptionally stressed and urgent to track down her, noteworthy that she hasn’t been found in days. They had a go at discovering her by pinging her telephone and she was toward the end in Brooklyn, New York last Wednesday, June 30th, 2021. They’ve been fruitless in finding her since.

I live in Lawrence and can feel the local area’s anxiety. Many are posting, trusting getting the message out will assist with discovering her or that word will contact her some way or another that a many individuals are concerned and to contact somebody.