Kelly Clarkson Has Awkward Moment Backstage

Kelly Clarkson Has Awkward Moment Backstage
Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson

We’ve all had our fair share of awkward moments, but have any of them been as awkward as Kelly Clarkson’s?

Clarkson recently revealed to musician Clint Black, per People, that she pooped in a trash can backstage before filming a show.

The singer shared, “I have no filter in the best of ways. I’m open to talk about everything. I don’t think anything is truly inappropriate — obviously some things. Most things I’m willing to talk about, which some people are not ready for when they talk to me. Like, ‘um TMI!’”

VideoVideo related to megastar graphically reveals backstage bathroom accident2021-04-10T00:53:45-04:00

When guest Sara Evans revealed that she once peed on stage, Clarkson one-upped her by saying, “I’ll tell you right now, there was one time … it wasn’t pee, my friend,” she said. “I got some kind of wrecked up from some kind of food and I literally, we were in an arena — I shouldn’t tell this story but like I said, I don’t have a filter.”

She continued, “I had to run backstage to my quickchange. I grabbed this poor trash can and boy I destroyed it. It was bad. It was bad, Clint. And we might have to edit this out but I’m just saying. It happens! What are you supposed to do?”

Clint responded, “I’m trying to visualize– hang on”, and Clarkson burst out into laughter.

Here’s what you need to know:

‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

VideoVideo related to megastar graphically reveals backstage bathroom accident2021-04-10T00:53:45-04:00

Those who tune into The Kelly Clarkson Show are well aware that the singer is a candid person, and doesn’t hold back from sharing ‘TMI’ stories like this one.

Just last night on the show, Lester Holt shared his bass skills with Clarkson.

Before he started playing, he told the singer, “I’m not nervous doing the news but right now, I am terrified.”

How did he choose to showcase his talents? By playing with the show band, of course!

As Today pointed out, Lester previously played on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in 2015.

At the time, Savannah Guthrie said, “He’s already like one of the coolest guys who works here, but this just takes it to a whole another level. Can we have your autograph?!”

When Is Kelly Returning to The Voice?

So when exactly is Kelly Clarkson returning to The Voice?

As fans are well aware, the singer fell sick during Battle Rounds filming, and Kelsea Ballerini filled in for her.

According to Good Housekeeping, the singer will be returning to The Voice “very, very soon.”

In fact, she’ll be back for the upcoming Monday night episode.

Clarkson wrote on Twitter on April 5, “You are doing such an amazing job
@KelseaBallerini!! Thank you for taking great care of #TeamKelly for me 🥰 See y’all next week! #TheVoice.”

Kelly has pulled together a fantastic team that consists of Gihanna Zoë, Ryleigh Modig, Savanna Woods and Corey Ward.

Does she have what it takes to beat fellow coaches Nick Jonas, John Legend, and Blake Shelton?

The Voice airs Mondays on NBC at 8pm ET/PT.

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