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The Challenge: All Stars

Three episodes of The Challenge: All Stars have been released so far on Paramount Plus and the season has already proven to be extremely exciting. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first and second episodes of The Challenge: All Stars which were released on April 1 and April 8 on Paramount Plus.

After the second episode aired, The Challenge champ Kendal Sheppard filled in the Challenge Mania podcast hosts on getting voted into elimination by the house. “I don’t know what I could have said that could have swayed anybody any other way,” she said. Host Scott Yager said in his opinion, everyone had already made up their minds and just needed an excuse to put Kendal in and her failure to fall during the trivia challenge was enough of an easy reason for the other competitors.

Kendal said while some of the cast members were “neutral” and wanted to see what she said to defend herself, others were gunning for her from the start. She said there was a group of people who “had it in their mind, from quarantine, cause I got proof of this discussion, that they wanted me out.”

“So what they gotta do is create a convincing story to get people who are neutral on to their idea to throw me in, and they need something to be believable.” She said the trivia challenge was just one thing in a list of many that “don’t matter and make it seem like it does.” She said the trivia challenge was the third time she was accused of something.

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Kendal Said 2 Other Incidents Were Used by Some Cast Members as an Excuse to Put Her Into Elimination

Scott Yager asked Kendal if she could give more context about the first two incidents that were held against her and the Inferno winner obliged. She said, “I was in trouble at the ’90s party, number one for my dancing, apparently I’m a provocative dancer, it’s inappropriate.” She said she didn’t understand why her fellow cast members were really nice to her one moment and the next moment they wouldn’t speak to her.

She said the second incident revolved around the cast members signing up for available time slots for phone calls home. She said as a joke, she wrote in her name at multiple different time slots. Derrick Kosinski said he could explain why people would be annoyed at that since phone calls home are very important. Kendal explained:

I thought it was really funny and everyone else thought I was like, the devil, and I said, are you guys really thinking that they’re gonna say, ‘hey Derrick, sorry, you don’t get to talk to your family this week cause Kendal’s on here six times.’

Kendal Won an Elimination Against Trishelle Cannatella in the 2nd Episode of ‘All Stars’

In the second episode of The Challenge: All Stars, Trishelle Cannatella went directly into elimination since she was the female competitor who was the quickest to fall from the platform during the trivia challenge. The house was left to choose a competitor to go into elimination against her and many cast members soon narrowed in on Kendal.

Since she had only appeared on one season of The Challenge, The Inferno, which she won, Kendal had fewer ties to competitors than others who have been more involved in the MTV universe and she was chosen to face Trishelle in “Knot So Fast.”

With some help from her Road Rules: Campus Crawl costar Darrell Taylor, Kendal was able to tie more tight knots and defeated Trishelle handily, returning to the house to fight another day.

New episodes of The Challenge: All Stars drop on Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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