Kendal Sheppard Says All Stars Elimination Lasted 6 Rounds

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The Challenge: All Stars

The Challenge: All Stars‘ sixth episode aired on May 6 and continued with the exciting new twist regarding eliminations introduced the week before. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the sixth episode of The Challenge: All Stars, which dropped on Paramount Plus on May 6.

During the sixth episode, Kendal Sheppard and Mark Long were sent directly into the elimination since they were the team captains of the losing team. Katie Cooley nominated herself to go into the Arena since she hadn’t participated in the daily challenge and it was a female elimination day. The house agreed and voted her in and Katie chose Laterrian Wallace as her partner for the “Pull Me Over” elimination.

As TJ Lavin explained, each team had to successfully get their opponents to drop their rope or fall off the stump and the first team to do so twice with post team members would stay in the game while the other went home.

While Katie and Laterrian had a strong first round and gained the lead, Mark and Kendal turned it around and won two rounds in a row to win the elimination. However, after the episode aired, Kendal took to social media to reveal that the elimination actually took six rounds, not three.

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Kendal Shared an Image of Her Notes After the Elimination Detailing What Happened During Each Round

After the episode dropped on Paramount Plus, Katie took to Twitter to say the elimination lasted a really long time and praised Kendal’s endurance. She wrote, “I don’t know how many rounds we had, but it went on forever. I’m strong but don’t have anywhere near @KendalSheppard’s endurance. I had to get her quick or it wasn’t happening.”

Kendal replied with an image of her notes about the show and said, “6! We had 6 grueling rounds. I have proof!” Her notes revealed that there were several rounds that didn’t count because the winning male and female competitors weren’t on the same team. She wrote that in the first round, Mark beat Laterrian while she lost to Katie, so the round didn’t count.

The second round saw Mark drop the rope while Kendal pulled all of Katie’s rope and won, so it also didn’t count. The third round saw both Mark and Kendal drop the rope, putting Katie and Laterrian up by a point. The fourth round was a win for both Mark and Kendal, tying the game at one. In the fifth round, Kendal pulled all of Katie’s rope but Mark dropped his rope and gave Laterrian that win.

Finally, in the sixth round, Kendal pulled all the rope from Katie once more and “intensely cheer[ed] Mark on” until he defeated Laterrian. She added, “I sob. I imagined [Laterrian] and I at the end and Katie is my friend.”

Katie Tweeted That She ‘Deserved’ to Go In After Her Performance in the Daily Challenge

Katie replied to Kendal’s tweet pointing out that there were six rounds and said, “You were the better competitor and probably could’ve done 6 more rounds you yoga b****!” Kendal answered, “Ha! I don’t think ANY of us had much left in the tank! Man, that was hard. I’m still mad you put yourself in. No more of that please. Hopefully we’ll get to compete again together.. but side by side..”

Katie also replied to fans who were unhappy that she’d nominated herself for the elimination. She said, “I deserved to go in. I stood there and did absolutely nothing. I’ll own that.” She clarified that Laterrian wasn’t the only one who offered to go in with her; Derrick Kosinski also stepped up although the final edit didn’t show it.

Derrick tweeted after the episode, “These guys put on an a F***** SHOW!! Didn’t even show the half!Everybody competing, physically gassed! Everybody watching, emotionally shot!”

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