Khamzat Chimaev Lands Megafight: ‘I Can Smash You Easy’

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UFC star Khamzat Chimaev celebrates win.

UFC stars Khamzat Chimaev and Darren Till agreed to a megafight against each other during an Instagram live session on Friday. The stream happened on Chimaev’s official Instagram page. Till was let into the stream after requesting to join via the comments section.

You can watch the stars agree to a megafight below.

Despite their growing rivalry, things were super cordial between Chimaev and Till. The UFC stars first exchanged pleasantries, then went through a brief period where Till appeared to be talking on mute so nobody could hear him. Thankfully, Chimaev and Till eventually sorted that situation out and got down to business.

“I wanna fight you,” Till said.

“Yeah! Why not, brother?” Chimaev responded.

Till talked about how Chimaeav was probably on his way to fighting Neil Magny first. That showdown seems to be on the horizon right now even though it hasn’t been officially announced by the UFC. Chimaev didn’t disagree with Till’s suggestion that Mangy was next for, but “Borz” seemed more interested in getting Till to commit to a megafight than discussing it.

When Chimaev talked about facing Till again, Till responded, “I’ll fight you. You know I will. But you know I’ll beat you, right? You know I’ll beat you easy.

Chimaev laughed the prediction off.

“The cage is gonna show it, brother,” Chimaev said. “…I think I can smash you easy, brother”.

Chimaev vs. Till could be on its way soon.

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