“Killer” Tim Brooks Death Dead – “Killer” Tim Brooks Obituary: Cause of Death

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“Killer” Tim Brooks was born on December 04, 1947, he is a retired American professional wrestler.

“Killer” Tim Brooks got his start in 1969, joining his cousin Dick Murdoch in the Detroit and Toronto territories. He wore a hard hockey player`s elbow guard and used it as a weapon. He fought Ben Justice, Tex McKenzie and Tiger Jeet Singh among others. Into the early 1970`s he also wrestled in the Cleveland based NWF taking on Haystack Calhoun, Fred Curry and Tony Marino. 

He died at the age of 72 on June 30, 2020. His cause of death is still uncertain as no reliable sources are talking about it. We will update you as soon as we have more information about his death.

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