Knicks Fans Declare War on the Nets after Ninth Straight Win

Knicks Fans Declare War on the Nets after Ninth Straight Win


Julius Randle has to be restrained from the referee after a no-call against the Nets.

On Saturday, the New York Knicks won their ninth game in a row as they defeated the Toronto Raptors 103-107 in Madison Square Garden.

The Knicks now have the longest active win streak in the NBA and now hold the fourth spot in a loaded Eastern Conference.

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Knicks Fans Let Out Anti-Nets Chant after Big Win

As many basketball fans know, the NBA is simply more exciting when the Knicks are good. Not only because the Knicks are a big market team, but we know that the Knicks’ fans will find any reason to blow things way out of proportion.

After the win over the Raptors on Saturday, Knicks fans gathered outside of Madison Square Garden to celebrate yet another victory. Loud chants rang out that showed appreciation for their hometown Knicks while at the same time sending some not-so-subtle shots at their crosstown rival Brooklyn Nets.

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RJ Barret Credits Knicks Fans for Win Streak

Knicks fans have been allowed to re-enter the arenas and it is having a positive effect on the team. Knicks’ lottery pick RJ Barrett says that the energy that they bring to the game is unmatched and has been a big part of the team’s recent success.

“Since the fans have been back it’s been amazing winning here,” Barrett said to reporters per SNY.

“They give us such a boost and we’re really playing hard together because we want to make them proud.”

The Knicks & Nets Rivalry Is Back on

The Knicks and the Nets have had a stewing rivalry since the season began. Before their last matchup against the Brooklyn Nets, Knicks players Julius Randle and Reggie Bullock were asked about the potential of having to face the Nets ‘big 3’ of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving. Their response was perfect.

“We got a big 5,” Bullock said on the prospect of facing the Nets at full strength.

Knicks All-Star Julius Randle doubled down on Bullock’s comments saying, “We got a big 15.”

The Nets and Knicks could not be more different.

Brooklyn has been accused all season of “buying” championships as they have acquired a wealth of talent via trades and the free-agent market.

The Knicks on the other hand have built their roster brick by brick mainly through the NBA Draft.

“We’re not really concerned about their Big 3. We know what type of basketball we’ll be able to come into the game and play,” Bullock continued.

“We’ll focus on our team. The game plan that coach draws up. Other than that, that is all we’re focused on. The Knicks.”

The city has officially been divided into two sections. Those who think New York is a Nets town and those who think New York is a Knicks town.

Despite the opinions of those who say that the Nets are chasing championships in an unfair matter the Brooklyn Nets are good for basketball for the same reason that the Golden State Warriors were when they acquired Durant. Everybody wants to see Goliath fall.

The Nets and Knicks could possibly meet in the second round of the playoffs. If the Knicks could slay the dragon early in the postseason, it would set New York City on fire.

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