KovuSoul Shares Wisdom On “All I Know”

KovuSoul Shares Wisdom On "All I Know"

New Jersey has always been a hotbed for talent. However, in recent years there hasn’t been much noise out of the Garden State. KovuSoul adds to the list of artists from NJ that are pushing to put the state back in the conversation. On his latest single “All I Know” Kovu glides over a smooth instrumental and reassures his fans of their own confidence. 

“All I Know” has a beat comprised of pulsating synths and excited percussions. There’s something about the instrumental that gives you a nostalgic feeling. It resonates in your chest as Kovu leaps through several flows. The young rapper has a depth to his words, opting to spread peace in a time of chaos. Check out “All I Know” and let us know what you think below. 

Quotable Lyrics
Time heals wounds
Make sure you applying the pressure
You can’t press reset or forget the
Scars always teach you a lesson